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Lazada Increases Sales of Fashion Items with Koleksi Taobao


The rise of fashion stores that close in the malls could be due to changes in public spending habits. Yes, Lazada Indonesia claimed that the sales of fashion products increased sharply. No wonder this e-commerce site directly presents Koleksi Taobao as the latest line in the fashion segment.

This is as expressed Haikal Bekti Anggoro, Head of Online Marketing Lazada Indonesia in the launch of Koleksi Taobao on Tuesday (09/17/2017) ago, who claims that the fashion category is growing very rapidly. Even the growth is claimed to step over electronic products and gadgets that have been so favorite consumers.

“The percentage of growth in the fashion category is increasing, and now this category is one of our heroes because the increase is doubled, so we immediately increase the quantity of goods,” he said.

According to Haikal, in 2014 Lazada only have as many as 500 SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) fashion products. Now this e-commerce site already has about 5 million SKUs for products in the same category. The choice is also not only in clothing, but also penetrated to shoes and accessories.

“With the Koleksi Taobao, we want to complete the collection of goods from local and international brands, the products offered in this category have a premium display with low price, so for those who want to look cool, it does not need to be expensive,” he explained.

Increased transactions in the category of fashion, according to Haikal because online shopping is no longer a habit of the upper middle class who have a credit card, but also has penetrated into the circle below. Moreover, the fashion products sold more affordable prices.

“Now shopping accessories that cost tens of thousands were also there, so not the only upper middle class who buy expensive products,” he said.

koleksi taobao

In addition to Indonesia, Koleksi Taobao also available in Lazada Singapore and Malaysia. On that way, the experience of spending global scale and without limits seem to really want to present Lazada Indonesia. Meanwhile, to attract consumers, there is a free postage service for minimum spending of Rp 150,000 and flat shipping costs Rp 20,000 across Indonesia for spending under Rp 150,000.

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