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Revealing Cinematographic Features on the “Video-centric” LG V30 Smartphone

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At the moment almost all smartphone manufacturers to develop camera features that focus more on photography skills, not so with LG. This South Korean manufacturer is smart enough to choose a different approach. The latest product, LG V30 smartphone more emphasis on cinematography (video-centric) than photo-centric.

What is the proof? LG V30 smartphone has the ability to create a video that makes it feasible to become a leader in the era of videography via smartphone. Proven with Cine Video fittings to create movie quality videos, premium audio quality thanks to Hi-Fi Quad DAC, the special sound system involving B & O Play and Voice Recognition mode.

Not only that, the LG V30 is also the first smartphone with a-aperture camera lens F / 1.6. The main camera with F1.6 openings that allows more light capture to produce brighter and more dynamic lighting. Paired with Crystal Clear Lens glass makes it said to be able to provide more accurate colors and clearer images than that offered lens with plastic material.

While the second camera on the front of the LG V30 is a dual 13MP camera with a wide-angle capture lens (wide angle). Making it more special than the LG V20, this wide angle lens is made with a reduction in image distortion commonly encountered on the edge of the frame up to 2/3.

LG V30 smartphone has a 16MP camera with a 16MP magnitude camera with a normal capture range and 13MP camera with wide catching field but has a smaller module than the LG V20 that makes the rear body LG V30 appear almost flat.

To capture a smooth and sharp image capture, the normal capture span on the main camera is supported by Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and Hybrid Auto Focus which combines the work of Laser Detection Auto Focus and Phase Detection Auto Focus.

LG developed the Cine Video mode on LG V30 smartphone made with its users to create the high-quality video with cinematic colors from various movie genres only through a smartphone. This is thanks to the features of Cine Effect and Point Zoom. If most smartphone cameras only allow someone zoom in (zoom in) only in the middle of the screen, not so with the LG V30.

The presence of Point Zoom feature allows users to enlarge the image in any part and move it to another desired part with a very smooth process thanks to the zoom slider. This is another first capability applied in the smartphone industry. For me, this feature is very useful.

Because usually when using a smartphone, when recording video and want to enlarge the object (zoom), can not be done smoothly. Magnification was only one direction only. While in LG V3 smartphone we can choose at any location.

Not only that, there are features Cine Effect provides 15 settings to make the video results have a unique look like a movie of various genres. Among them are romantic comedy, blockbuster, mystery, thriller and classic film.

On the other hand, the LG V30 also comes with LG-Cine Log support which makes its users more flexible in creativity with the video. Having the wide range of lighting dynamics and color spectrum, video files from LG-Cine Log can be stored in more accurate picture detail. Complementing the benefits, LG-Cine Log also allows for recording with the gamma curve for maximum flexibility in generating the user’s desired look during post-production.

LG V30 also promises increased capability in the business of taking pictures of Manual Mode through Graphy feature. This feature helps users ensure that each image capture will produce good quality photos by simply selecting the best picture before pressing the shutter.

In Manual Mode, the user can also select professional photo work available on the Graphy website and mobile application and then apply the same settings for shooting photos. These settings include such as white balance, shutter speed, diaphragm settings and ISO.

In the audio sector, the LG V30 is the first global smartphone to support Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology that enables streaming high-resolution audio. MQA captures the master studio quality recording sources and converts them into smaller files to make it easier for high-resolution track files to be enjoyed in streaming options.

The ability to record the LG V30 also increased with the presence of a catcher device (receiver) which also acts as a microphone to capture a broader spectrum of sounds ranging from soft tinkling bells to drum sounds blaring.

Fun again, Google Assistant on LG V30 smartphone will provide unique capabilities that are specially made for him. By saying “Ok Google, take a romantic Cine Video” for example, will enable the Cine Video setting in Romantic mode. While activating the camera with wide angle capture options, simply do it by saying “Ok Google, take a wide angle selfie”.

What do you think, with a myriad of videography features above, interested in LG V30 smartphone? If you are a vlogger, YouTubers or want more serious pursue hobby videography with smartphones, obviously LG V30 is the right choice. Highly recommended. But unfortunately, this new phone was introduced in the event IFA 2017 Berlin. Hopefully, it can glide in Indonesia in the near future.

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