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Here are 3 Latest Accessories from Manfrotto for Professional Photographers in Indonesia


For those who seriously pursue the world of photography, a reliable camera is not enough. There are some accessories that need to be owned to produce amazing works. This enthusiastic and professional photographer is targeted by Manfrotto, a camera accessory provider based in Cassola, Italy.

Manfrotto claims that these products have been tested quality and have competitiveness than competitors with affordable prices. For professional photographers of course. Last week, Manfrotto launched its newest product in Indonesia by cooperating with Oktagon, an e-commerce site better known for selling photographic products.

There are three new products from Manfrotto that are launched, namely Lens Filter Suite, Manfrotto Lykos (LED Lighting), and also Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head (tripod head). Well, what are the capabilities offered by these three products? Let’s read the following review.


1. Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head

Along with the popularity of YouTube, videography is now a trend among content creators. They are working to produce high quality video. Which of course is supported by high-end cameras. Manfrotto observed the opportunity with the release of Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head. This is the head of a tripod dedicated to the cameramen.

Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head is able to withstand weight reaching 0-8kg (for variant N8) and 6-12kg (for variant N12) and equipped with Nitrogen Piston. The system makes the camera pinned on the tripod will not fall because of gravity pressure and survive in accordance with the angle that has been set.

In addition, tripod head of Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head is using flatbased, which is very suitable for use by a photographer. However, you can add additional ball head for the video capture process. The tripod produced by Manfrotto has passed a variety of endurance trials so it can be ascertained that the product is safe and has excellent resilience.

To produce a high quality product, users also need to redeem at a price that is not exactly cheap. For head tripodnya only, Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head is priced around 449 Euro, equivalent to Rp7, 1 million. With the addition of legs, the price can vary, which is between 1099-1.259 Euro or equal to Rp17, 5 million-Rp20 million.

If you include ordinary users who like to take pictures only or amateur photographers, the budget of that size would have been used to buy a mirrorless camera that is quite reliable. But for a professional photographer or cameraman, his needs are different.


2. Manfrotto Lykos

This LED Lighting Accessories is perfect for a photographer and videographer, especially one that starts exploring the professional level. Manfrotto Lykos is equipped with several features such as wireless connection via Bluetooth, color temperature with range of 3000 (sunrise) -5600k (daylight), and has LCD screen on the back.

LED Lighting Manfrotto Lykos is able to emit light that does not contain IR (infrared) and UV (ultraviolet) rays. In addition, this lamp has a hand grip on the side of the body so that the installation of Manfrotto Lykos can be easily done. On the LCD screen at the back of the light, you can see indicators such as light temperature, power, Bluetooth, and also color setting.

Fun, related lighting or color and lighting arrangements, the photographer and videographer can make settings through applications that can be found in the Apple App Store.

Price? Manfrotto Lykos comes with two variants, namely Bicolor (two light options) and special daylight. Manfrotto Lykos Bicolor can be obtained at a price of around Rp6, 8 million and Rp5, 9 million (daylight). The actual price is quite expensive for an LED accessory only. Where can you buy a new smartphone or entry level camera. But again, this is for professional photographers whose income is from here. So, price should not matter if it is able to meet expectations.

3. Manfrotto Xume Lens Filter Suite

Lens Filter Suite is present in four variants, namely UV Filters, Circular Polarizing Filter, Neutural Density Filters, and Protect Filters. The four filters are equipped with Lens Adapters that make the change of the filter can be done easily and without significant difficulties.

UV Filters These lenses are able to withstand the sun’s rays captured by the lens, thus reducing the blurred image results (blur). While Curcular Polarising Filter is suitable for photographers who like to take pictures of landscapes (landscape). The reason, the filter is able to improve the color and eliminate the reflection of the image that caught the lens.

Furthermore, Neutural Density Filters are able to control the lighting that goes into the lens when using low shutter speed (low speed) when shooting. And the last is Protect Filters that can protect the lens from water splashes, dust, scratches, and also oil.



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