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MediaTek Helio P65 will Increase Gaming and Photography Experience


The development of mobile technology became more advanced. Chipset takes a big part in the development of mobile technology. MediaTek. one of the famous semiconductor corporation from Taiwan today announces its new chipset, MediaTek Helio P65.

MediaTek Helio P65 is made with a 12nm manufacturing process with an eight-core (octa-core) that enables high performance and low power consumption. According to Zonglin Li, General Manager, Wireless Communication business unit, MediaTek, other than improving mobile gaming, improving photography experience also the focus of this time

“MediaTek Helio P65 take a step further with an improved hardware accelerator. This chipset offers more reliable performance and special photography experience. The launching of this chipset will be a new propeller to innovation for Mid-Tier smartphone,” said Zonglin in the press release that Gizmologi received at Jakarta (1/7/2019).

Right now, MediaTek Helio P65 is in the mass production process. It is expected that this Mid-Tier smartphone chipset whose position is between Helio P60 and Helio P70 will be available in July this year in various consumer devices.

Technically, This MediaTek P65 chipset integrated two CPU Arm Cortex-A75 core and six CPU Arm Cortex-A55 into a big cluster cache L3. This chip also has GPU Arm Mail-G52 that provided better graphics experience for playing the game and 25 percent more performance compared to its predecessor.

MediaTek Helio P65 Features

Mediatek Helio P65Gaming

Utilizing CorePilot, MediaTek’s heterogeneous computing technology, this chipset supports a variety of important features. Such as smart scheduling, intelligent temperature management, and user character analysis, providing better performance reliability and consistency.

The other Helio P65 features is an integrated voice command function, optimized for small chipset size and designed to extend battery life. MediaTek has also separated the audio channel for the audio command used for media and games, providing better quality sound for each channel.


MediaTek Helio P65 also supports dual camera 16MP+16MP and provided high adaptability for capturing wide angle and long shot shooting using image zoom technology. Not only that, MediaTek Helio P65 also support mobile device with a 48MP camera smartphone (4-cell) for better image quality. Also accompanied by a secure ISP design and face recognition for data security.

Helio P65 equipped with various hardware accelerators that support photography. Such as the depth of field engine, electronic image stabilization (EIS) for fast images up to 240 fps, panoramic photography without Jello effects, and a camera control unit (CCU) for instant auto exposure (instant AE).

High Precision GNSS Engine

Helio P65 equipped with Inertial Navigation System (INS) who can determine the direction correctly. So, the users can get more accurate information even when indoors, basement, or in a tunnel.

This chipset also support Dual 4G VoLTE, enables high-level vice and video calls, faster connection, and more reliable coverage and lower power consumption. In addition, it also offers Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity along with Bluetooth connectivity/ Wi-Fi so that the design is slimmer.

AI Performance

Compared to its predecessor, Helio P65 doubled the AI performance and AI process for camera that need an AI like Google Lens, Smart Gallery, Object recognition, background segmentation, background deletion, and portrait photography that is 30 percent faster.


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