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Onno W Purbo: Ahead of the 2019 Election, Big Data Will Be Booming in Indonesia

Big Data

Who mastered the technology then, he will rule the world. This jargon is very relevant in the current Internet era. Big companies, like Google and Facebook not only master technology alone, but also visionaries get around the changing times, and all start with big data.

Not just information, data becomes important because it becomes a measure of the accuracy and credibility of a particular problem or problem. Whether in the interest of research, industry or corporations, mapping at the party democracy of the General Election, including being the reason for control of a country.

Technology expert Onno W. Purbo estimates that big data and data mining will be booming next year in Indonesia, especially ahead of the 2019 election. Admittedly, today the term is still common in the community, except those who are involved in the world of informatics and business technology. In fact, in practice has been used since the election campaign in the era of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in online media, startup, and online transportation.

“Simple example, when marketing people want to know whether their products are favored or not on the market, they usually do a survey, through which all data in social media can be taken over the internet and analyzed, or want to do social media analysis Twitter when Jokowi talk about a particular topic. In the business world, this is what business intelligence is all about,” said Onno W. Purbo, as a speaker at IT Camp 2017 held in Ciputat, South Tangerang (10/1/2017).

For information, Big Data is data that is globally unstructured can be transformed into structured through the process of analysis (Data Mining). So that can be obtained according to desired results and with internet connectivity, all become interconnected continuously, from data sharing, remote control, both in real life and in cyberspace connected locally and globally through the sensor is always active.

Onno W. Purbo explains the simplest way of doing data mining for beginners. One of them, using orange data mining which is a GUI programming. And improved which is more difficult also explained, how to do data mining using Python.


At the two-day event, IT Camp participants got wider insights and communicated interactively with competent speakers Tjatur, Ismail Fahmi, Andri Johandri, and Onno W. Purbo.

Tjatur who is a big data practitioner recounts his experience in planning, setup, to operate big data infrastructure. According to him, the selection of technology becomes important because it must be able to handle a large workload, especially work like this will not be found and studied in college.

Meanwhile, Ismail Fahmi who plays a role in SBY era digital campaign, Rohingya analysis, etc. to make their own data mining software, web semantics, and others. The software is used in the various political analysis to business intelligence in various companies.

Andri Johandri explains how to coding to talk with social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. This step is needed when crawling data from social media as well as maneuvering to be uploaded to the social media.


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