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OPPO A9 2020 Equipped with 48MP Four Camera

OPPO A9 2020

In this 2019, OPPO became more aggresive in launching their new product in the market. After introducing their new series that is Reno and K series, now this smartphone company planning to release their new product in their A series and that is OPPO A9 2020.

OPPO A9 2020 smartphone is a smartphone for those young people who active and creative especially in creating content in social media. Unfortunately there are not many thing known about this phone, OPPO still keeping the specification about this phone a secret. But looking on it’s predecessor, this phone will have a unique color display and bigger battery capacity.

PR Manager OPPO Indonesia, Aryo Meidianto, said that this A series is famous for having a competitive price in it’s class with a camera enough for social media needs. “ Right now this series is climbing ip with the exixtence of OPPO A9 2020 that have four camera and 48 megapixel sensor, first on A series,” he said.

He added, with this camera configuration they can offer a bigger result in youth section of market. And with this camera those youth can feel free to expres them self and also posibbly it can give ot more creative content on social media platform.

OPPO A9 2020
Brand ambassador Chelsea Islan holding OPPO A9 2020

OPPO itself already have this 48 megapixel camera in F11 and F11 Pro, then this sensor also equipped in Reno series. It is not yet reviled what sensor will OPPO A9 2020 be using. But if it based on F11 series, this A9 2020 probably will be using Isocell GM1.

Beside that the configutarion 4 cameras on this phone is still a mystery, maybe besides 48 megapixel camera, this phone will have wide angle on one of them. Bot for the other two camera it’s still unknown. From the image the OPPO A9 2020 will have a green color that is almost like the Reno series.

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