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OPPO Reno7 Z breaks the record for 5G speed test in Mandalika circuit

This Is What Makes OPPO Reno7 Z Speed ​​Up Maximum When Testing 5G Speeds in Mandalika

Mandalika, Gizmologi – OPPO Reno7 Z 5G set a 5G network speed record when tested using one of the 5G network operators in Indonesia. This latest smartphone from OPPO Indonesia managed to get a download rate of 1 Gbps and an upload number of 123 Mbps which was recorded in the speedtest application.

This is a fairly high number that can be obtained when the 2022 MotoGP grand event with thousands of spectators takes place at the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The speed test results obtained this time are very different from the test results that were previously carried out at several points in the 5G area in Jakarta.

Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia, came to watch the 2022 MotoGP and at the same time test the 5G speed on the Reno7 Z 5G device he brought. He admitted that he was proud to see the results of the 5G speed test which showed the capability of the Reno7 Z 5G on Indonesia’s 5G network.

OPPO Reno7 Z 5G breaks speed record up to 1Gbps

OPPO Reno7 Z with Band n78 5G Mandalika
OPPO Reno7 Z with Band n78 5G at Mandalika Circuit

Why this device can get high test result? Aryo said this could not be separated from the very complete band support on this device.

“OPPO Reno 7 Z 5G has very complete band support to support 5G connectivity, starting from support for n1 (2,100 Mhz) n3 (1,800 Mhz) n40 (2,300 Mhz) and n78 (3,500 Mhz) bands. In addition, OPPO Reno7 Z 5G also supports the NSA network and also DSS which is also used by 5G network providers in Indonesia,” said Aryo Meidianto.

The speed achieved by the Reno7 Z 5G is related to the use of the 5G frequency in the 3.5 Ghz band used at the 2022 MotoGP event. When viewed from the G-NetTrackLite application, it reads the Reno7 Z 5G device support for the n78 band which can be seen through the application at the right angle on. This screenshot was obtained in conjunction with the speed test carried out on the Mandalika circuit.

In addition, through the same application, the Reno7 Z 5G device indicates that it can capture the n1 band. This test was carried out when landing at Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport in Lombok, East Nusa Tenggara. When it first landed, the Reno7 Z 5G device immediately showed a 5G network indicator.

The government opens a new frequency of 3.5 GHz during the 2022 MotoGP Mandalika

Band n1 at Lombok International Airport
Pinta band n1 appeared at Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport Lombok

In addition to devices that support a very complete band, several operators of 5G network providers in Mandalika are optimizing from the network side and also opening a new 3.5 Ghz frequency that is allowed by the temporary regulator during the event.

For information, related to the implementation of 5G networks and services, Telkomsel has deployed 16 5G BTS covering a number of points in the Mandalika International Street Circuit area and Lombok Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport, Lombok. Telkomsel uses the frequencies of 2100 MHz and 2300 MHz which have been commercially held since last year, as well as additional frequencies of 3500 MHz and millimeter-wave 26 GHz (26000 MHz) which are temporarily permitted to be used by the Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia during the Mandalika MotoGP.

Meanwhile, for XL Axiata, the frequency band used is 3.5 MHz at a number of 5G access points that have been prepared around the circuit that will reach the VVIP area. There are also several regional grandstand locations where race spectators, journalists and broadcasters, support teams, and MotoGP event work units gather.

OPPO Reno7 Z 5G is a device that has complete support for 5G networks operated by 5G providers in Indonesia. In fact, in frequency bands that are relatively new, such as n1 (2,100 Mhz) or n78 (3,500 Mhz) which have just been operated.

In terms of specifications, this is OPPO’s first 5G device in 2022 to be equipped with a Snapdragon 695 5G processor. This processor is equipped with a powerful modem, Snapdragon X51 which has support for various 5G networks in the world. Reno7 Z 5G also brings various features that support the convenience of using 5G networks such as a large 4500 mAh battery capacity with SuperVOOC fast charging that can charge the battery up to 50% in just 31 minutes.

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