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Using Personal Devices to Access Corporate Data Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

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Compared to other countries in Southeast Asia and Korea, Indonesia is in the top ranking for the category of the number of companies that allow employees to bring and use personal devices for work.

Four of 10 (41 percent) workers believe that their IT department encourages the use of personal devices for reasons of increased productivity. Consequently, 68 percent of the Indonesian workers utilize personal devices to check work email.

The findings revealed in the report of the VMware Digital Workspace Study released last week (4/12) in Jakarta, Indonesia. According to VMware, the significance of the number of workers who use personal devices for work without the company’s consent this can increase the vulnerability to attempts of hacking and cyber attacks.

Even the use of personal devices to access office data is considered worthy of serious attention because of the great risk that could potentially threaten security system companies in Indonesia. According to the survey, 1 in 3 workers in Indonesia (34 percent) turned out to use their personal devices for work without their knowledge and without approval from the IT team of the company first.

Then as many as 38% of respondents even said that they do not know and do not comply with standard airworthiness IT which has been determined by the company related to the use of personal devices for work. This condition, of course, can potentially open the door wide to the inclusion of efforts to attack and hacking data, while increasing the risk to the business of the company.

Santoso Suwignyo, Senior Director of Technical Services, Southeast Asia, and Korea, VMware, said IT departments need to understand the implications or the meaning of security from the implementation of the program of BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) in a haphazard manner without first adopting a comprehensive framework and safe.

“Findings from this survey confirms the fact that the organization or company that does not have a digital workspace that is safe to make them increasingly vulnerable and exposed to various loopholes that become the entry point to the network, especially if users neglect will be the requirements and policies of the IT security company and dodged when they think that the company is considered not able to meet their need for availability of services-IT services as desire them,” said Santoso.

Santoso Suwignyo, Senior Director of Technical Services, Southeast Asia dan Korea, VMware.

The challenges that arise from the adoption of BYOD is not just about security issues. Seventy percent of respondents said that they face problems when trying to access the application-application support work. Problem top, among others, is “too many passwords to remember” (32 percent) and “the application can not be accessed perfectly on different devices” (28 percent). To overcome these problems, employees tend to use the same password for the entire device and the application (35 percent) that their use or write it in notes and save it on their mobile devices (32 percent).

The use of the same password to access all work applications and devices that are used to support the productivity of the work actually brings security risks for the company. The risk of growing when more and more employees create simple passwords that can easily be hijacked simply by try to enter a password repeatedly or trial and error.

Once the password can be read the party who does not have the authority, then the entire data – good data is the work/office and personal data – can be accessed by people not responsible, including also information on other important business within the network.

Santoso Suwignyo also stressed that companies need to have thought out the issue of security and the fulfillment of regulatory standards. Since a long time has appeared disharmony between the priorities of IT and the demands of the user. End-users want a system that is simple yet efficient in accessing the diverse applications they need. While part of IT especially attach great importance to the certainty of control and security. Often the company just simply applying the system security-oriented on the level of ease of use

Often the company just simply applying the system security-oriented on the level of ease of use. The use of solutions such as VMware Workspace ONE allows the company to achieve alignment between the provision of security policy that is comprehensive and meets the specified requirements, with ease of use and not confusing for the employees,” he said.



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