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New Power Bank from Vivan Able to Charge Laptop & Drone Battery

vivan power elite dan vivan big bank

Technological developments that lead to competition often bring up something beyond expectations. One example is the latest bank lineup power from Vivan is making shake my head. How not, Vivan Power Elite and Vivan Big Bank is capable of charging not only for smartphones but also laptops, even drones!

Super large capacity becomes the most prominent selling point in both power bank. Vivan Power Elite and Vivan Big Bank each with a capacity of 20,800mAh and 62,400mAh. According to Pahruli Almustofa, Head of Digital Strategist Vivan, with capacity ready to accompany everyday users in undergoing various activities both indoor and outdoor.

“Our newest product Vivan Power Elite and Vivan Big Bank are the first power bank in Indonesia capable of charging laptops and can be used to turn on LED TVs, learning lights, drills, printers, solder and portable refrigerators. the needs of users who have a very high level of mobility, including the adventurer, and emergency needs in the household, “said Pahruli when met at a media event & blogger Meetup Pricebook at Mayhaps Cafe, South Jakarta (1/2/2018). Pricebook is the only price comparison site in Indonesia that focuses on gadgets and electronics category.

Pahruli Almustofa, Head of Digital Strategist Vivan

The first product, Vivan Power Elite MF20 has dimensions of 6.3 x 2.57 x 2.6 inch which is easy to carry anywhere. Actually, when compared with most power banks on the market, the size is quite large like a small boxy drinking bottle. But still quite portable to take travel.

This accessory device has 1 Input Type C 5V / 3A and 3 Output with QuickCharge 3.0 feature for fast charging and an Output 220V / 85W (AC). The existence of these three outputs allows charging three devices simultaneously.

Well, the availability of 220V / 85W output is what distinguishes the power bank in general. Due to this power plug, it can be used to power home appliances with a maximum of 220V / 85W current such as a fan, learning lamp, LED lamp, Portable Speaker, Coffee Maker, Drone battery.

How to use Vivan Power Elite MF20 spelled out easy, like power bank in general than just “plug and use”. As for charging notebook or other battery that require output 220V / 85W, you simply press the power button, then connect the cable to power bank.

While the second product, Vivan Big Bank BB64 is the line up with the largest capacity at this time, which is 62,400 mAh with Lithium-Ion battery type. To accommodate a battery cell with a capacity of that size, it takes a big place too. So it affects the size of the body is quite large, box like a beam with dimensions 210 x 161 x 48.5 mm. Meanwhile, the weight is 1.88 kg which is like a laptop.

vivan power elite dan vivan big bank 2
vivan power elite and Vivan big bank

With a large body and heavyweight, the power bank is clearly not suitable for traveling. Because it would be troublesome during the trip. Unless you go in a car, this accessory is quite helpful.

Vivan Big Bank has 12-20V / 42W input with 4 outputs: DC Car Port 13,3V / 33W, DC Port 12V / 3A, TYPE-C Port 5V / 3A and USB Port 5V 2,4A with a maximum capacity of 4.8A.

Having the same functionality as Vivan Power Elite, Vivan Big Bank is also capable of draining power to turn on some of the existing home electronics products. Such as Fan, TV, Portable Speaker, LED Lights, Learning Lights, Drone and Remote Drones. For Drone DJI users, this product is claimed to be able to charge the battery up to 2-3 times full charge. As for charging the laptop, able to charge the battery as much as 2-4 times to full.

Both Vivan Power Elite and Vivan Big Bank power banks are equipped with Intelligent Protection that prevents over-charge, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit and recovery protection so that it is safe when used for gadgets and electronic equipment. With Automatic IC technology, both power banks are able to adjust the current and proper power to flow into the gadget.

Well, how much is it? Based on the information listed on the Pricebook.co.id website, the price of Vivan Power Elite MF20 is Rp 1,529,000. Quite expensive for the price of a power bank. Because with this big money, you can buy 1 piece of entry-level Android smartphone that is good enough. But yes indeed this device is not for everyone. Targeting only certain people who really need. Which one of you, Gizmolovers? 😉


Vivan Power Elite & Vivan Big Bank Tech Specs


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