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QlueThermal, Enterprise Solution for Health Protocol Enforcement in Indonesia


Starting as a social media platform application that allows citizens to report problems directly to the city government, Qlue has brought many benefits since its first launch in late 2015. Even during the pandemic, Qlue was also present as a platform to report on the development of COVID-19, until now it has provided new solutions through QlueThermal.

Now Qlue has developed into the most complete smart city ecosystem provider company in Indonesia, providing AI to IoT solutions. QlueThermal is one of the newest solutions in the form of IoT devices from Qlue, present as a body temperature detector and the use of automatic masks. This tool has started to be implemented in several private and government offices.

One of the offices that have taken advantage of QlueThermal’s solutions is the Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (JIEP). JIEP itself is one of the largest industrial estate developers and managers in Indonesia, where employee health is a priority, especially in the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

QlueThermal is faster and more accurate than Thermo Gun


“We understand that everyone in the organization is an important asset to maintain the company’s performance,” explained Rama Raditya, founder and CEO of Qlue in a release received by Gizmologi (23/12). “QlueThermal is the work of the nation’s children designed to assist authorities and building managers in enforcing health protocols.”

Providing an accuracy level of up to 98.5% in detecting faces and masks, QlueThermal can provide a sense of security for both visitors and employees, giving a sense of security to carry out activities. The detection speed is under one second, and Qlue guarantees that the process is faster and more accurate than conventional checks that still use thermo-guns or similar tools.

Another advantage of QlueThermal is hyper-localization, where the dataset of recorded faces is local faces. So that the detection will be more accurate than products from abroad. Various types of masks can also be detected, including batik motifs to those with faces.

“Qlue has been doing research and development of computer vision technology, especially for face detection and recognition since 2016. During that time, we have collected tens of thousands of faces to be used as a dataset for the development of our facial recognition-based technology solutions, including QlueThermal,” explained Rama.

QlueThermal Can Be a Contactless Employee Attendance Tracker


JIEP’s Managing Director, Landi Rizaldi, said that the implementation QlueThermal assisting his party to enforce the COVID-19 protocol, especially for inspection of employees and visitors. Since its installation in June, QlueThermal has detected more than 17 thousand people. From there, his party can find out the peak hours of visitors, the average body temperature to the occupancy level of the building.

“From these data, we can measure the efficiency of the policies we made during this pandemic, such as the allocation of the number of security personnel in the field,” explained Landi. JIEP itself has implemented four QlueThermal devices, which are connected to the barrier gate. The barrier gate will open automatically if the detected person has met the health protocol requirements.

The QlueThermal function itself does not only serve to detect health conditions and use masks for employees and visitors. Later, JIEP will use this device as an attendance system for its employees. Can be used as a contactless attendance machine, making it safer without having to have physical interactions such as pasting cards or fingerprints.

Employee attendance data obtained from QlueThermal can also be integrated with the existing human resource information system (HRIS) in the company, making it easier for management to monitor employee attendance in their offices. Powered by AI, this tool can analyze all data over time, provide the necessary recommendations for immediate effect, and accurate action.


The Indonesian version of this article can be read in Gizmologi. ID

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