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5 Products Innovations for Smart Home Showcased at Samsung Forum 2017


Every year, Samsung Electronics has the tradition to introduce his vision to new-generation technologies and innovations for the next year to hold the event, called Samsung Forum 2017. In Southeast Asia and Oceania region, the event held in Singapore this week.

Technology giant from South Korea is exhibiting a series of new products, including the QLED TV is amazing, the Refrigerator Family Hub 2.0, FlexWashTM, a combination washing machine and dryer, as well as POWERbot VR7000. Samsung Forum 2017 is to show the leadership of company in pioneering new technologies that fit with consumer lifestyles, more personal and intuitive.

Yong Sung Jeon, President & CEO, Samsung Electronics south east Asia and Oceania said in the Samsung, it remains committed to developing innovations that are designed not only to meet the customer’s needs are always changing, but is also intended to make an impact in their lives.

“Despite facing these challenges, we have made great strides in the year 2016 and will continue to look to the future while continuing to create a better future together with our customers,” said Yong.

A strong commitment to enriching and empowering the consumer with technology innovation and world-class expertise through the home appliances is manifested in the variety of products. At the Samsung Forum 2017, we could see the ranks of the smart TV QLED TV, refrigerator IOT Family Hub 2.0, system laundry FlexWashTM, Wind-FreeTM, AC wall mount first without the wind blowing directly, and VR7000 POWERbot vacuum cleaner – all of which received an innovation award at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in 2017.

List of Products Innovations at the Samsung Forum 2017

1. Samsung QLED, New Standard in Home Entertainment

Displaying remarkable progress in the development of Quantum dot technology, company is launching various series of latest QLED TV – Q7, Q8 and Q9, in Samsung Forum 2017. Q series, which adds metal new on semiconductor quantum dot nano-sized, provides the perfect mix of light and color currently available in the display technology. The result of a large display QLED TV is amazing, with the appearance of the pictures are very accurate and precise although viewed from any angle or in any situation.

Samsung QLED TV brings the Quantum dot to a new level with the light efficiency and stability of the advanced, as well as a wider colour gamut than before. QLED TV 2017 provides solutions to some of the difficulties found consumers on TV that exists today, including the level of brightness, lifetime, scope of color, detail and point of view. QLED TV is not only showing volumes of 100% color and peak brightness of the HDR 1.500 – 2.000 nits, but also improve aspects of overall image quality.

Samsung also introduced a new design element which aims to improve the experience of watching QLED TV more. Optical cable is practically invisible to help solve the problem of tangled wires that is often found in the home and reduce the aesthetic, with a system of a single cable that neatly. Additional accessories such as the “No-Gap Wall Mount” to make the installation of the TV attached to the wall is simple and faster. For those who want a variety of style options when displaying their TVS, Samsung is introducing a choice of two TV stands – Gravity and the Studio – which is becoming an interesting alternative for consumers who prefer a TV that does not stick on the wall.

To complement the series of new QLED TV, Samsung also shared its plan to provide a more unified experience to customers using various services and devices.

  • Samsung Smart Remote – Upgraded to support more devices, Samsung Smart Remote offers the ability to control the sound in more Smart TV features, so it becomes more flexible and make the consumer can enjoy all the features offered TV with just one touch of a button.
  • App Samsung Smart View – Available for Android and iOS, this app allows the user to gain experience SmartHub private on their phone..

2. Family Hub 1.0 Refiregator

As an upgraded version of the Family Hub 1.0, which got widespread recognition a year ago, the Family Hub 2.0 features a line-up more flexible, giving the consumer a choice of refrigerators are the most suitable to their needs.

The function of the refrigerator Family Hub 2.0 is enhanced with the integration of an intuitive as well as partner a new application to help family members stay connected, manage food, and access to more entertainment through the LED touch screen 21.5-inch found on the refrigerator. For added convenience, the advanced voice technology Samsung has also been integrated in a variety of applications Family Hub 2.0.

3. FlexWashTM Wasing Machine

This year, Samsung also introduced FlexWashTM, washer-dryer combination models that tightly integrate the washer and dryer into one for more efficient performance. Unit of innovative it offers various core technology of the features of Samsung wash, including additional door AddWash popular.

FlexWashTM designed for efficiency time to wash clothes so that it becomes two times faster but still ability to care for clothes better: the door openings in the main front can be a washing machine AddWash and dryer, offer the consumer the flexibility to start the wash cycle to dry the clothes in a quiescent state, while the top opening of the smaller devoted to materials that are more delicate and require extra care. The second loader can be operated simultaneously or separately.

4. Wind-FreeTM AC

After the response of the consumer toward floor-standing Wind-FreeTM AC which was launched last year, Samsung is now developing the technology and bring it into AC type wall-mounted.

AC AR9500M equipped with the technology of the Wind-FreeTM AC, can maintain a level of coolness inside the house without feeling uncomfortable due to the wind that blows directly towards the body. AC is spreading the cold through 21.000 micro holes at the slower speed of 0.15 m / s *, thus creating eve that is ideal for a deep and restful sleep.


5. Vacuum robot POWERbot ™ – VR7000.

Samsung also launched a series of the latest in the line of suction cup debut that vacuum robot POWERbot VR7000. A new design with a slimmer and enhanced features, VR7000 make sure the cleaning is thorough, which can reach corners and hard to reach areas with a vacuum cleaner operated by hand.

POWERbot VR7000 Edge Clean Master technology makes this unit able to clean up to a distance of 15mm from the wall, while the technology Auto Shutter automatically lowers the barrier to help sweep the dust on the side.

In addition to advanced products and new technology-technology that was launched this year, Samsung Forum 2017 also displays the refrigerator cooling Twin Cooling and washing machine AddWash already widely known.


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