Home News Shopee lays off a number of employees in Indonesia

Shopee lays off a number of employees in Indonesia

Shopee lays off a number of employees in Indonesia

Jakarta, Gizmologi – Shopee Indonesia said on Monday it was releasing a number of employees as part of the company’s efficiency measures. The decision must be taken, after making adjustments through several changes to business policies.

“Global economic conditions require us to adapt more quickly and evaluate business priorities in order to be more efficient. This is a very difficult decision,” said Head of Public Affairs Shopee Indonesia, Radynal Nataprawira through a press release received gizmologi, Monday (19/9/2022).

Radynal did not disclose the number of employees who were laid off. However, the information obtained stated that 3 percent of the total employees of Shopee Indonesia experienced layoffs. As of the first quarter of 2022, the number of Shopee Indonesia employees was recorded at 6,232 people, which means that 180 people have been laid off.

According to Shopee, efficiency measures are in line with the company’s global focus on achieving independence and sustainability, which are two important components in running a business amidst the current global economic uncertainty.

“The company will focus on independent and sustainable business growth, and we want to strengthen and ensure our company’s operations are stable in the current economic situation,” said Redynal.

Shopee is committed to providing support for employees affected by efficiency policies in accordance with government regulations. In fact, Shopee Indonesia still provides an additional 1 month of salary.

“In addition, employees who have been laid off can still use health insurance facilities until the end of the year,” he added.

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Shopee Indonesia Employee Efficiency

Shopee Indonesia layoffs
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According to Radynal, employee reduction is an efficiency strategy to deal with the uncertainty in 2023. This uncertain condition, according to him, makes funding for technology startups even tighter. Investors are no longer easy to pour funding without profit prospects.

On the other hand, Shopee Indonesia ensures that efficiency measures will not affect business operations and services to all sellers, buyers and partners in Indonesia. Including serving millions of buyers and sellers including MSMEs and local entrepreneurs in 514 cities and regencies throughout Indonesia, Shopee’s presence has provided opportunities for many business actors to grow.

“Shopee’s achievements so far cannot be separated from the hard work and commitment of the Shopee Team. We thank you for the contribution of the entire Shopee Team so far,” he explained.

Redynal also said Shopee will continue its mission to serve millions of sellers, buyers and MSMEs to enjoy the benefits of the digital economy through the e-commerce platform. “We will continue our mission to serve millions of Sellers, Buyers and MSMEs to enjoy the benefits of the digital economy through our (Shopee) platform,” he concluded.

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