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Innovation Behind ‘5x Dual-Camera Zoom’ Technology for Smartphone Photography


Since replacing the tagline be “Oppo Camera Phone” a year ago, smartphone manufacturers from China’s increasingly aggressive spawn a variety of products with the capable quality camera. Over the last year, they are more focused on the sector of the selfie. But in 2017, it seems Oppo began to dare to explore the main camera. Because in the event Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 yesterday, Oppo Smartphone introduces the features 5x Dual Camera Zoom.

Oppo claims 5x Dual Camera Zoom is the first in the world dual-camera smartphone technology with the structure of a periscope. This technology offers the ability to lossless zoom or nearly resembles the optical zoom of 5x on the camera of the smartphone. If the claim is correct, then the innovation made by Oppo Smartphone this is the lossless zoom that the highest at this time. Because available in the market at this time, the zoom function is still limited to 2x.

In addition to the magnification of the image without reducing the quality of up to five times, users can also enjoy the ability image stabilization which again claimed to have never been there before. Where with lens technology that is advanced, the appearance of the smartphone is not turning into distended as occurs in many men of the urban middle class. However, the device still looks thin and sleek.

To develop a breakthrough technology dual-camera structured periscopes, the Oppo work for almost a year. And this time, already more than 50 patents have been filed for this technology. Sky Li, Vice President and Managing Director of OPPO’s International Mobile Business, said that features 5x Dual Camera Zoom’ has opened a new realm in the field of photography and is evidence of the dedication of the OPPO in answering the needs and desires of consumers, i.e. to the result that the image is beautiful and clear.

Innovation behind 5x Dual Camera Zoom

Oppo reveals, 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology inspired from the periscope contained on a submarine. Dual-camera latest this using wide-angle and telephoto lenses. While the framework of telephoto lenses using the structure of the periscope in innovative ways. By shifting the angle of a telephoto lens as much as 90 degrees, the lens will obtain the necessary space for the ability to zoom in depth.

Well, the prism structure of the periscope will direct the paths of light that enter the camera through an angle of 90 degrees and forward the image through the lens of the telephoto when the user enlarges the subject or object of the photo.

The presence of this technology is predicted to be to change the standard solution of the dual-camera which is only able to zoom as much as 2x. Oppo Smartphones are trying to achieve the ability 5x zoom that allows users to take a whole image of the landscape, portrait, close-up, and all form a standard image that is usually caught on a digital camera.

The device remains slim

Technology dual-camera is also able to maintain the appearance of the device remain slim. The ability 3x optical zoom, which is in accordance with the technology of the fusion image for digital zoom, giving users the ability to 5x dual-camera zoom for the first time in the world.

With the structure of periscopes device, 5x dual-camera technology only has a thickness of 5.7 mm, which is even 10% thinner than the lens of the smartphone optical zoom 2x.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on the telephoto lens 

Usually, when users zoom to capture photos and video, the smallest vibration can greatly affect the clarity of the image. Another breakthrough from the ‘5x Dual-Camera Zoom’ is also contained in the solution of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS). Different from another manufacturing smartphone that uses OIS on a wide-angle lens, Oppo takes a different approach by embedding OIS directly on the lens telephoto.

Thanks to the implementation of the OIS, the prism and lens telephoto able to capture the vibration thoroughly and directly address them. Solution OIS predicted to be able to improve the performance of the previous smartphone as much as 40%. While the mechanism of the prism varying angles dynamically at the point of accurate 0,0025 o. This technology ensures that images remain clear and stable even at levels of zoom as much as 5x.

Well, what kind of technology 5X Dual Camera Zoom? All right let’s watch the video illustration below.



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