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Samsung Internet of Things Introduced for Consumers Using Various Samsung Devices

Samsung Internet of Things

Samsung Internet of Things (IoT) has been launched in Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Forum 2018 where which latest innovation from IoT has made consumers much easier in using various Samsung devices.

In the forum, Samsung Internet of Things (IoT) is explained to have unique abilities that make consumers possible to use various products from Samsung that are smoothly connected to each other. There are new products introduced in the forum, which are Samsung Family Hub, the next generation of refrigerator, revolutionary washing machine technology QuickDrive™, newest wireless vacuum cleaner POWERstick PRO™ as well as soundbar lifestyle and panoramic.

“In Samsung, we believe IoT (Samsung Internet of Things) must become simple things, as easy as turning the palms of the hands. With new products and series launched today, we make IoT easier and smoother,” says Sangchul (Steve) Lee, the President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania. “Another important thing is we focus ourselves on creating and sharing extraordinary technology and solution to make consumers’ lives easier and better.”

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Samsung Internet of Things (IoT) are in forms of SmartThings application for Smart TV 2018 series that aim at improving consumers’ experience in watching TV. This type of TV functions as a dashboard for the ecosystem of IoT users. From the biggest screen at their homes, users are able to manage various connected devices and synchronize multi devices to make consumers easier in sharing content and notification.

The next Samsung Internet of Things (IoT) is premium soundbar lifestyle product to add experiences in watching TV. NW700 Sound+ soundbar that can be put at walls becomes the successor of MS650 Sound+ with voice enhance feature, such as distortion-cancelling, long-distance tweeter and multi speaker control. This product has very thin and slim design that can be placed at walls under super thin Samsung TV.

The South Korea technology-based producer pays attention to household equipments as well. Samsung Family Hub as the next generation of refrigerator keeps becoming a pioneer and redefining refrigerator. Apart from synchronizing food storage and cooking preparation, the product also offers entertainment for all family members.

There is also the newest washing machine technology QuickDrive™, which is able to make consumers reducing the washing time up to half of it. The WW7800M washing machine is ready to be the next Samsung Internet of Things (IoT) as this item offers washing assistant with artificial intelligence power or Q-rator that provides smart feature to help handling laundry in more comfortable ways.

Another device introduced in the session is POWERstick PRO™ is the latest wireless vacuum cleaner as the most powerful vacuum cleaner in the industry that has ergonomic design for the comfort of its users.




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