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Getting to Know the Twin Cooling Plus and Smart Conversion Technology At Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung Twin Cooling Plus

Lebaran tradition in Indonesia usually presents and sends a variety of food family tradition. We often receive a lot of delivery like ketupat and chicken opor, as well as cakes that need to be stored well in the refrigerator. Especially if we plan to leave the house a few days to stay out of town or just enjoy the holiday. Two-door refrigerator Samsung Twin Cooling Plus with bigger capacity called can be a solution.

According to Michael Adisuhanto, Head of Home Appliances Product Marketing of PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, the technology developed by Samsung is able to provide freshness of food, a solution of greater capacity and flexibility to increase the capacity of the refrigerator.

Comes with a net capacity of 585 liters and 620 liters, the Samsung Twin Cooling Plus is able to accommodate 8 pieces of Lebaran 20 x 20cm delivery cake, even up to 12 pieces of the same size, when the freezer is converted into a regular refrigerator with smart conversion technology.

What is Samsung Twin Cooling Plus and Smart Conversion technology? Read the explanation below:

Samsung Twin Cooling Plus technology

Samsung claims to be the only electronic company that presents Twin Cooling Plus technology on a two-door refrigerator. This technology offers two separate cooling systems, where there are two fans and two evaporators that can keep air circulation in the refrigerator. So the smell of food in the freezer does not mix with the usual refrigerator. The existence of two separate cooling systems in the refrigerator compartment, making the freshness of the food lasts twice as long as the conventional refrigerator.

Samsung Twin Cooling Plus cooling system ensures the temperature and humidity level in the refrigerator is maintained up to 70%. Compare with conventional refrigerators only able to withstand moisture up to 30%. So the freshness of food can last longer.

Samsung Twin Cooling Plus technology utilizes two separate evaporators for the freezer and chiller compartments so that air circulation in the refrigerator can be maintained and prevent the smell mixed. To save more food from a typical day and need more space, Samsung Twin Cooling Plus has a larger storage capacity ranging from 585 liters to 620 liters.

Smart Conversion technology

If consumers require additional compartments, Smart Conversion technology can be activated to convert the freezer compartment into a regular refrigerator, allowing more efficient use of electricity.

Smart Conversion gives you the option to change the function of freezers. If on vacation, the freezer can be turned off, and only the refrigerator is on. When you need more space in the refrigerator, the freezer compartment can be converted into a refrigerator to store food. All food can be stored and kept fresh, and no food is wasted.

Smart Conversion technology allows customers to choose five modes of conversion ie normal mode, extra fridge mode, vacation mode, seasonal mode and home alone mode. To save energy consumption when leaving home for homecoming, consumers can choose the mode of setting vacation mode, where only the freezer is lit, and the usual cooling compartment is turned off.

Samsung Twin Cooling Plus Refrigerator Price

Refrigerator Samsung Twin Cooling Plus 585 liter and Samsung Twin Cooling Plus 620 liter comes with a starting price of Rp 9,000,000, which is sold starting in June 2017, at the nearest electronics store.


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