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Telkomsel Conducts Network Drive Test to Anticipate Traffic Spike in Mudik Season 2017

network drive test

To ensure the network’s readiness to serve customers during Ramadan and Lebaran 1438 H, Telkomsel undertakes an annual network drive test or network trial with a number of media including Gizmolog.

Network Drive Test path in 2017 starts from Juanda Airport Surabaya and ends in Malang. This time Telkomsel is demonstrating seamless 4G LTE network technology that will support the prize of 4G Telkomsel service to be enjoyed by customers on the go.

Director of Network Telkomsel, Bob Apriawan in his official statement said the convenience of customers to be able to communicate wherever there is always a priority Telkomsel. “Network Drive Test welcomes Ramadhan and Lebaran this time we are doing nationally to ensure that all services provided, especially data services, run smoothly and have good quality,” he said.

Bob added that the current needs of customers to be able to continue Internetan dianpun very high. Activities in the digital platform have become the daily life of the community, and for that, Telkomsel paid special attention to the quality of data services provided to its customers. It is expected to support various customers’ digital activities during the trip, including browsing for information, social media, and streaming of various video content.

In addition to the Surabaya – Malang route, this year ‘s Network Drive Test is also conducted on the homecoming route and return route covering the Java and North cross railways, the main road from Merak – Banten to Ketapang in Banyuwangi via North, South Line and Toll Road.

It is also done on the Sumatra Highway (main road) from Bakauheni to Banda Aceh through the West Cross Lane, the Central Traffic Lane and the East Cross Lane. There are seven cities that become the focus of network strengthening since this place is the destination of travelers during Idul Fitri, namely Medan, Padang, Lampung, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya and Makassar. As for the departure city, Jakarta, Balikpapan and Batam are selected locations.

“In total we cover a distance of approximately 11,000 km in network test this year. On the other hand, with the operation of Telkomsel’s 4G LTE service in nearly 500 district capitals with the distribution of more than 11,000 4G BTS, we hope this will further enhance the convenience of customers in communicating in special moments Ramadan and Lebaran, “said Bob.



Telkomsel predicts that there will be a surge in communications traffic in data services in the area of homecoming lane and tourist destination when compared with ordinary day traffic. Traffic spikes in data services ranged from 20% to 25% through 5809 Tera Byte. While voice services are predicted to decline between -3% to -6% to 1.37 billion minutes, and SMS ranges from -1% to -3% to 720 million SMS.

To anticipate this, Telkomsel conducted a series of network optimization activities, such as maintaining the availability of VLR (Visitor Location Register) or the adequacy of customer capacity.

Telkomsel set up service point on 312 Mudik Lane and 526 Location Tour. To maximize capacity in these locations, Telkomsel alerted 89 COMBAT units (Compact Mobile


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