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Welcoming Lebaran Season, Telkomsel Strengthens Networks in Several Tourist Destinations

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Facing the Lebaran (Eid Mubarak) holiday period, mobile operators in Indonesia usually strengthen the network that is centered at the transit point of the gathering of travelers, such as area, airport, terminal, station, and port. But Telkomsel adds not only to the homecoming area but also to the tourist destinations.

This is confirmed by Telkomsel which stated that network optimization this year is done not only at dot density but also at tourist destinations visited by customers who enjoy Lebaran holiday.

A number of tourist destinations such as shopping centers or malls, recreational parks, natural attractions such as beaches, resorts or inns are usually used by customers, both travelers and vacation with family or relatives. There are 527 tourist points that have been identified and predicted to experience a spike in traffic service communication on H-7 to H + 7 Lebaran.

BTS Telkomsel di Kawasan Bromo

It is not separated from the behavior of tourist communication in Indonesia is now dominated the use of data services. The high use of data services, among others, triggered frequent tourists upload photos and videos of activity and panorama at tourist sites to social media and instant messaging applications.

In addition, tourists also take advantage of data services to access the various information and directory of culinary tours, lodging, and various arts and cultural activities that can be done at tourist sites.

Telkomsel Network Director Bob Apriawan said network quality is Telkomsel’s top priority in delivering services to customers, especially during Lebaran holiday period. In addition to homecoming activities that became a special moment for the people of Indonesia, activity in tourist sites is also a concern.

“For that reason, since the long day we have been trying to anticipate the spike in traffic of communication services by ensuring all services are functioning well and can meet the needs of customer communication at the dots crowded with tourists,” said Bob Apriawan in a press release received Gizmologi.

Disclosed, traffic data service or payload in tourist sites during Lebaran holidays is estimated to increase 32% compared to normal days. Especially for 4G service, its payload increase is predicted to reach 86% rather than normal day. Meanwhile, voice and SMS traffic services at the same location and period are generally expected to be no different from the usual day traffic.

To anticipate the high use of data at tourist sites, Telkomsel has strengthened approximately 1,500 base transceiver stations (BTS) in the area around the gathering locations of tourists throughout Indonesia. More than 450 BTS of which are 4G or eNodeB BTS to ensure the smooth communication of customer data.

And to face the homecoming and Lebaran holiday, Telkomsel has identified as many as 838 hotspots or POI (Point of Interest) which is a point of activity hometown and homecoming is predicted to experience a spike in enough communication. To maximize capacity in these locations, Telkomsel is alerting 89 units of the compact mobile base station (Combat) or mobile base stations to improve customer convenience in communicating using data services.

On the other hand, throughout the year Telkomsel continues to hold the development of BTS in various regions in Indonesia which are also expected to support the reliable network during Lebaran holidays. In the Lebaran period, Telkomsel subscribers will be serviced by 140,000 BTS across the country, of which more than 60% of them are broadband base stations (3G and 4G) capable of serving internet bandwidth of 1,687 Gbps (Giga bit per second).

On the service side, Telkomsel presents homecoming posts and service points at POI locations that have been identified to ensure that customer communication needs are maintained. In addition, all existing Telkomsel service channels are also expected to function optimally during Lebaran holidays, including 84 GraPARI Telkomsel Siaga and 346 GraPARI Mitra Siaga, 487 Mobile GraPARI, 81 units of MyGraPARI self-service digital service and 359 Branch Office Distributor Partners (TDC). At the same time, Telkomsel’s distributor partners are also on hand to maintain the availability of starter pack and reload voucher (mkios) through 3,779 Outlet Alert.


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