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East Timorese Enjoyed 4G LTE Service from Telkomcel and Ericsson


Timor Leste or East Timor, the former 27th province while still part of the Republic of Indonesia is now beginning to move forward. Residents in Timor Leste can now enjoy the fourth generation fast internet service (4G LTE) after Telkomcel announces its launch in the country.

Telkomcel is a cellular telecommunication service in Timor Leste owned by Telkom Indonesia through TELIN. No wonder the name is somewhat similar to its subsidiary in Indonesia, Telkomsel.

Telkomcel has fulfilled communications requests from over 450,000 subscribers of the 1.2 million total population in Timor Leste since its inception in 2012. The operator currently has a significant market share for cellular services in East Timor.

To deploy the 4G LTE service, they work with Ericsson as network provider. According to Dedi Suherman, CEO of Telkomcel Timor Leste, the ongoing investment and modernization of the network is one form of corporate dedication in ensuring the sustainability of its future operations in the interest of all stakeholders.

“This reflects our commitment to providing the best service quality for the mobile broadband community in Timor Leste through the provision of infrastructure and advanced technology to ensure an outstanding mobile experience for our customers,” Dedi said in a press release we received.

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