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Trump Finally Allowed Huawei to do Business with US Companies Once Again


Huawei finally allowed to do business with their US partner after being blacklisted for six weeks. It had been a rough six week for Huawei because being blacklisted their business became harder.

Trump finally lifted up Huawei sanction after meeting Chinese leader Xi Jinping at KTT G20 in Japan going smoothly. Both biggest economic country leader discussing the impasse in the dispute and the suffering fate of Huawei during the Trade War.

Trump said “The US companies can sell their goods to Huawei as long as the transaction won’t present a great national problem”

In May, US Commerce Departement Banned any Company in the US to do business with the Chinese smartphone manufacturers Huawei. US official accused the company of working to undermine US national security and foreign policy interests.

Even though Huawei can do business with US companies again, they still part of ongoing trade discussion between Washington and Beijing. Trump only allowed Us companies to sell the part to Huawei.

Huawei responded with a confirmation about Trump statement with a post on their official Twitter account. Huawei confirmed that it’s true that Trump allowed US companies to sell their goods to them again.

“U-Turn? Donald Trump suggested he would allow #Huawei to once again purchase U.S. technology!” tweet from one of the official Huawei companies Twitter account.

Huawei has denied the accusation that their company is threatening US national security. And it’s lobbied the past few weeks to regain access to US product. And because their denial that Trump finally allowed US companies to sell their product to Huawei again, which is key to its supply chain.

But Donald Trump still put Huawei in the blacklist. Meaning, even though the US companies can continue their cooperation with Huawei, Huawei is still prohibited to sell their product in the US.

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