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To Be No 1 in Content Distribution Platform in Indonesia, UC News is Targeting 10,000 Daily Articles

UC News

Has become the internet giant in China, Alibaba spread its wings to potential countries. Indonesia and India are two great countries that become the next focus. In January, the company has announced an investment of IDR 400 Billion over the next two years in Indonesia and India. This fund has been set up to develop the content created by the customer (user generated) with a huge potential in Indonesia, through the platform distribution of news and content, UC News.

To find out more about the landscape of the internet users in Indonesia, this month Xiaopeng He, the Founder of UCWeb and the President of the Alibaba Mobile Business Group, accompanied by Jack Huang, President of the Business Abroad UCWeb visit Jakarta. They met with investors as well as the creator of the content to strengthen the company’s focus in the field of aggregation and distribution of digital content in Indonesia. UCWeb is also currently preparing for the launch of a program called the latest generation of We-Media which will be launched mid-March.

Jack Huang said it is always positioned themselves as a company that focuses on technology and products, as well as dedicate ourselves to continue to add local content in each country. To meet such a request, UC News has changed the vision of the company and focuses on the creation and distribution of content, automation, consumption and monetization.

“We will be partnering with several media in Indonesia, to provide content that is accurate. As well as embracing the publisher independent content to create content that is unique and interesting in Indonesia,” said Jack Huang.

Meanwhile, Xiaopeng He revealed the decision was made to follow the current trends. Where the first in the era of the Yellow Pages, the user will open the Index page to find the title of the information that they want manually. However, in the future, already have a search engine (search engine), so that the user will type the things you want to know and this machine will perform checks to all data and information needed.

“Currently, we are entering an era where machines can learn the type of information that You need and prefer, and this content will be distributed automatically to You. Our business will lead to this kind of approach,” said Xiaopeng, which seems to open the veil that the new features of UC We-Media which will be launched has the capability of search engines are reliable.

Further described, the publisher of the independent content is the main focus to realize this mission and to be the reason behind the program UC We-Media. Through this container, the distribution of the content to the reader that the right can be done efficiently through the technology of Big Data.

We-Media works with the foundation of the “Financial, Service and Traffic” provides an integrated mechanism for independent publishers, bloggers, and KOL (key opinion leader) to benefit financially and increase the popularity. For the novice and the creator of the content niche, this program offers a methodology that more deeply, helping to attract advertisers and readers.

Jack Huang added, the growth of independent publishers and content creators in Indonesia, supported by the growth of consumption of digital content and individual content. This shows the spirit of the people of Indonesia to share the news through various types of content such as the article, video, meme, comic series as well as series the story.

“Our goal is to make UC We-Media be the number 1 platform for service creation and content distribution in Indonesia and India. We plan to add 30,000 of the publishers individually, blogger and KOL on our platform in the year 2017, with find talents hidden and also collaborated with the creators of the content that is already known, to create more than 10,000 articles for the UC News, every day,” said Jack.

As information, based on the report of the UC News about the trends and consumption of digital content in Indonesia by the end of 2016, occurs the significant increase in the consumption of news content in half the end of 2016, with an increase of 307% in the 4th quarter compared with the previous quarter. The duration of reading also increased by 206% in the same period. In addition, more than 50%of its users the internet has also been using social media as the main source to get news.


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