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Veronika, Virtual Assistant to Serve Telkomsel Customers Armed with Artificial Intelligence

Veronika Virtual Assistant Telkomsel

Technology of artificial intelligence can be used for various things, including serving customers. As Telkomsel is using AI technology on its newest service called Veronika. This is a virtual assistant who works 24 hours serving customers through social chat platform.

For old customers of Telkomsel, Veronika is a familiar name. This name used to be famous when phone and SMS communications still dominate. VERONiCA (Voice Response and Info Care) is a personal answering machine that holds any missed call in the destination number. At that moment, a typical female voice greeted customers and introduced himself with the name Veronica.

Now, when mainstream communication uses more instant messaging services, Veronika is transformed. In collaboration with Accenture technology company, Telkomsel presents Veronika’s virtual assistant who attends 7 x 24 hours makes it easy for customers to interact directly through social chat platform.

Veronika becomes a customer service solution on digital channels that combines artificial intelligence, customer analytics, and human interaction to produce a self-service service that provides a better, faster, and more precise customer experience.

Currently, there are three supported platforms such as LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram. The operator of Telkom and SingTel subsidiaries designs it as GraPARI Virtual which is ready to answer various requests for information about products and services from customers whenever and wherever. If examined, Telkomsel became the first mobile operator in Indonesia to implement this virtual service.

Ririek Adriansyah, President Director of Telkomsel, hopes the new service will improve the customer experience in interacting with the company. Information about products and services can be responded more quickly and precisely.

“Today’s customers have a high mobility and digital lifestyle encourages us to provide a fast and precise solution to their service needs. The presence of GraPARI Virtual Telkomsel to the grip of a customer like giving them access 24 hours to visit GraPARI, “said Ririek during the launch at Telkomsel Smart Office Building, Jakarta (8/24/2017).

Further explained, in recent years, digital channels are the main choice of customers to interact with Telkomsel’s products and services. Currently, about two-thirds of all customer interactions with Telkomsel are on digital channels, whether social media, websites, and applications.

Veronika’s own services can answer various requests for information from customers. These include information on nearby GraPARI locations, 4G upgrades, active packet and subscription information, billing information, T-Care PIN information, and PUK information. GraPARI Virtual Telkomsel also allows customers to obtain service solutions, such as subscription packages, credit purchases, pay bills, and redeem POINTS.


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