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ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550: Advanced Monitor Worth The Price Of New Cars

ViewSonic ViewBoard

If you have money of IDR 126 million and want to spend, whether to buy a new car, DP (down payment) house, apartment, or just a monitor? The last answer is intriguing. But this is not humor because there is a monitor that sells for it, ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550 is priced exactly for IDR 126.725.000.

Who wants to buy that expensive monitor? Of course not for the salary is still UMR, stay was still follow the parents or rent with room size 3×3 meters. Because the screen size ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550 monitor just 75 inches. Will be full of your room wall with this extra large monitor.

In view of the abundant features offered, ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550 is more suitable for business and education purposes. Because this monitor with an interactive flat panel has a 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160) and a 20 point touch screen that allows for collaboration with multiple people. Provides flexible open platform design for meeting rooms and classrooms.


Technically, the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550’s interactive flat panel display specification comes with an ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core 1.2G Hz CPU processor, a Mali-450 Quad Core ARM GPU, 2GB of memory, 16GB of storage, and provides computing for annotations as well as multimedia content playback without the need for a PC. The screen is also designed to be durable with 7H anti-glare tempered glass, blue light filter, and flicker free. Making this screen ideal for use in multiple environments, including meeting rooms or classrooms.

ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550 monitors can be paired with separate slot-in PCs, and are equipped with Windows 10 operating system, giving access to special ViewBoard 2.1 annotation software for more dynamic interactive functions.

With DisplayK 4K Display support, HDMI-out, as well as an optional USB and LAN and PC ports make ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550 flexible enough for a variety of uses. Connectivity options make it easy to connect to multiple devices. While the design is compatible with VESA allows the screen placed on the wall or trolley flexible anywhere.

Compatibility also deserves thumbs up. ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550 is suitable to be integrated into Google, Windows based environments and comes with Mac gesture multi-touch mirroring features. Includes compatible with Linux and Chrome

Experience using a flat panel The interactive view board is reinforced with an intuitive two-finger Floating Pen and an exclusive one-touch feature to Google Drive Save. During the discussion, Presenter can access and control the Windows / Mac device remotely with Touch Back Control ViewBoard. So it can share control with presenter devices.

In this monitor, there are some applications already installed. Like the Zoom conference software that allows multiple users remotely to write, share, and interact simultaneously as if they were in the same room. The vBoard software for easy-to-use annotations allows users to write, sort, edit and modify documents and images on the screen in real time. Then ViewBoard Cast for content sharing (compatible with Windows / Mac / iOS / Android devices), and Zoom conference software.

The interactive flat panel display is also claimed to help educators improve the curriculum with QwizdomOctopus and Ximbus solutions. The Octopus collaboration software makes it possible to annotate and work and/or work with apps, existing content and access 10,000+ ready-to-use online learning materials. Ximbus is a cloud-based collaboration and sharing solution for Google classes and features Google Drive integration.

Well, after reading a brief review of the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP7550, are you more interested or farther away? : D


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