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Wantedly, The Social Networking Platform for Recruitment Now Available in Indonesia


Based on the report released by Boston Consulting Group and Recruit Works Institute about the Trend of Job Seekers Globally, 44% of job seekers believe that job sites and social networking is a channel that most effectively and efficiently to perform the job search. This is what underlies the birth of Wantedly, a social networking platform for recruitment which is based in Japan.

Wantedly claimed to be different with the social network for professionals that is already there (such as Linkedin) because it combines the platform jobs working with social media. Through one-click sharing technology, the company’s employees may participate in recruitment activities. They can spread the jobs to multiple social networks at once instantly so exposed to the passive talent that is rarely active on the job site traditional.

Now, Wantedly began to spread its wings to Indonesia with a series of recruitment service that can be easily accessed by job seekers and companies seeking candidates for best employee. Previously, this platform had been first present in Singapore and Japan.

Wantedly has also been working with 20,000 companies and has more than 1.2 million active visitors every month. Through this platform, job seekers can easily find information about companies that have the passion and vision that reflects their aspirations.

Wantedly doing a simulation of the job search process as well as process of search of a partner. Where both job seekers and companies need to do a step-step approach to find the similarities and match before finally making long-term decisions.

Lius Widjaja, Country Head Indonesia Wantedly, said the platform differs with the other jobs site that trying to attract candidates with the lure of salaries and allowances. Because Wantedly taking a different approach to recruitment. “Posts from companies in our platform will be more focused on the description of the work culture as well as their vision so that it can attract candidates who have the thoughts that in line,” said Lius in the press release we received.

According to Lius, he saw that there was only 25% of the population of the talent pool in a traditional job seeker platform. While 75% of the talent pool are passive job seekers who are not active on the platform of job search but active in a variety of social media. They are people who have jobs but are actually open to better job opportunities. Wantedly which integrates the platform jobs working with social media to provide solutions for companies to facilitate reaching out to candidates.

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