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Wow! A Piece of Cheetos that Looks Like Gorilla Sold on eBay for Billions Rupiah


How brave are you to pay for a piece of cheetos? In the world wide web, the price of the snack can be as expensive as a premium car.

This craziness happened on January 28 in the eBay site, when an account named Flamin’ Hot Cheeto auction off a cheetos with a starting price of US$ 11.99, or approximately IDR 150.000. As we known, cheetos is a snack popular which is made from tapioca flour that has a different kind of taste. In Indonesia, a snack of this type is sold in the market less to IDR 10.000 per package.

The account also posted a photo of a Harambe gorilla, who was climbing a tree at the zoo Cincinnati Zoo. As for the gorilla, he is not an “ordinary” gorilla because his meme was viral throughout the year 2016, shortly after being shot dead by the officers of the zoo because of the attack of a little boy who fell in his cage. As expected, the auction been viral.

cheetos gorila


In the end, on February 7, at 3:45 a.m. local time, the auction closed at a value of US$ 99.900, or approximately IDR 1,3 billion. eBay claims that the account is valid and the goods is real.

With any such dealings, we could say that cheetos is the most expensive snack in the world. So the question is: the buyer has lost its mind?

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