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Xiaomi has 500 Million Active Users in All Over the World


Recently, Xiaomi’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Zhou Guangping said in an interview that currently Xiaomi has 500 million active users all over the world be it smartphone or their other product. And he also said that Xiaomi’s internet revenue increased 31.8 percent in the first quarter of 2019.

Xiaomi is Chinese electronic company that based on Beijing. They are famous for their smartphone, laptop, smartwatch, and they also have Rice cooker, all of them have a fairly cheap price. Especially their smartphone, that have a relatively good specification but have a cheap price.

They could achieve this mainly because the amazing growth of monthly active users. This growth of Xiaomi’s active users was because the company not only focused their attention to smartphone, they also paying attention to other product like the Mi Band and others.

Xiaomi think that spreading their product to other than in smartphone section is a good thing. Not long ago Xiaomi release their new smartwatch Mi band 4 with a price that relatively cheap. This product will increase their active users rapidly

Other than that they also release many other product like backpack, CCTV, power bank, Fan and other daily things that people use. Even their sub-brand Redmi rumored that they will release a toy named Mi Truck that still in crowdfunding stages.

About company’s valuation, Chief Financial Officer Zhou Guangping said that there is two factor the valuation depends on. First, it depends on whether the company has sustained steady growth. Second, is the stability of the growth.

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