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XL Axiata Deployed 4G LTE Service in Samarinda and Balikpapan

4G LTE service in West Java

Samarinda and Balikpapan. The both big city in East Kalimantan has the potential of a large economy, and will become the main pillar cities of development in the area of East Kalimantan and North to the border with Sabah, Malaysia. Attracted by this potential, XL Axiata launched the 4G LTE services in Samarinda and Balikpapan.

Vice President (VP) XL Axiata North Region, Handono Warih said faster 4G LTE internet service in Samarinda and Balikpapan will support the activities of the society and also businesses in this city, even the positive impact indirectly will also be felt in the surrounding area.

“Samarinda is the provincial government center and the economy. 4G LTE connection will also greatly assist the efforts of businesses to improve product competitiveness of the local economy in the broader market, as well as raise the potential of the region,” said Handono while inaugurating the commercialization of the service XL 4G LTE in Samarinda, Tuesday (4/22).

Warih sure, the 4G LTE service of XL Axiata will greatly assist this activity in a variety of fields, both government and business, including also in the field of entertainment, to social activity in particular in Samarinda and Balikpapan. In addition to that, local government also can take advantage of 4G LTE service to support public services through e-government. Customers and communities in both cities have been able to utilize the 4G service since 23 March 2017 ago.

The launching of 4G LTE XL in Samarinda and Banjarmasin

Meanwhile, the General Manager (GM) LTE Execution Assurance XL Axiata, Ronhugo Verry Leonard Tambunan added 4G LTE service in Samarinda and the surrounding area supported by 80 BTS 4G.

In Samarinda, the area of affordable 4G service at this early stage is Loa Janan Ilir, Palaran and Sanga-Sanga In such areas there is a provincial government center and the region, local business center, industrial centers, some educational institutions, residential areas, Office of the Governor, the Public Hospital of Daerah Abdul Wahab Sjahranie, Mall, and other public spaces. 4G LTE fast internet will help increase performance and productivity of the community in the city. Meanwhile, in Balikpapan 4G LTE covers an area Klandasar Down, Mayjen Sutoyo, Jendral Sudirman, Ruhui Rahayu, Soekarno Hatta international airport, New Ulu, Syarifuddin Yoesa, which is supported by 100 BTS 4G.

The provision of 4G LTE services in the City of Samarinda and Balikpapan and its surrounding areas is a response to the increasing demand of our customers and the public over the internet service and Data quality. From a total of more than 25 thousand subscribers in the cities, 50% of whom are active customers of the service Data, and have been using

From a total of more than 25 thousand subscribers in the cities, 50% of whom are active customers of the service Data, and have been using smartphone specifications 4G. The traffic Data service in this city and also in two other major cities, namely Balikapapan and Bontang also continue to increase significantly.

Most internet and Data access in the second largest city in East Kalimantan is also intended for productive purposes, for example access to online business, both home-scale and SMEs and industry. In addition, the community also utilize the internet connection for the purpose of educational, social, to cultural preservation. XL Axiata is confident, a fast internet connection 4G will also be able to help the promotion of regional tourism to the national and international level. Moreover, East Kalimantan has a great potential.

Was going to be one of the developing cities in East Kalimantan which experienced rapid progress including in terms of communication technology. The whole process of working and communication device the local government will be helped with the 4G LTE service from XL.

Before that, XL Axiata has held this service in Banjarmasin and Banjarbaru. Specifically in Kalimantan, the development plan of 4G LTE network will be accelerated along 2017. XL Axiata plans to continue to add to the coverage area is up to about 38 other cities, especially the capital city of the province and the capital city/district, as well as the cities business centers in all provinces in the region.

Nationally, until the second quarter of 2017, 4G LTE service from XL has been serving subscribers in approximately 100 cities in Indonesia. Throughout the year 2017, XL Axiata hopes roll out 4G LTE service in 330 cities in various regions, including borneo East as well as build about 17 thousand BTS 4G in all over Indonesia. Meanwhile, customers who have been using 4G XL reach about 14 million or 30% of the total number of subscribers XL Axiata. The implementation of 4G LTE will be done gradually with attention to some aspects of the needs of the community as well as the level of readiness of the ecosystem in each area.


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