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XL Future Leaders 2017 Open Opportunity for Disabilities

XL Future Leaders 2017 Open Opportunity for Disabilities

XL Future Leaders Program that became the mainstay of XL Axiata re-rolled. In the National Conference which marked the opening of this new school year, the mobile operator emphasized that the XL Future Leaders Program (XLFL) provides equal opportunities for all students to gain access to quality soft-skills education, including to students with special needs or disabilities.

Mohamed Adlan bin Ahmad Tajudin, Finance Director of XL Axiata, told a press conference in Jakarta (24/11/2017) that through the XL Future Leaders 2017 program, his side wants to help ensure the best place in the future for Indonesian children while ensuring the availability of resources superior human power in the future.

Adlan revealed in XLFL 6th generation is quite special because one of the 150 students who pass to the initial selection is blind people. This student from the beginning was able to go through all stages of selection well without being distinguished and proven ability to compete among more than 12 thousand applicants who follow the selection.

“The success is a testament to the hard work and passion that does not give up despite the physical limitations, it also shows that the XL Future Leaders program that we have run since 2012 is able to attract and inspire the students from various regions in Indonesia to participate in this program, including students with special needs, “said Adlan.

Further explained, since registration opened during April – May 2017, more than 12,500 students from 240 state and private universities enroll in this program. They participated in a series of selection from June to September 2017, starting from the selection phase of administrative completeness, written selection conducted simultaneously online, ending with case study selection and interviews in 7 cities, Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar.

Finally, after going through a rigorous assessment netted 150 students who are entitled to a special scholarship to follow the program “XL Future Leaders Global Thinking”. In terms of distribution of participants who passed the soft skills training XL Future Leaders 2017, participants come from quite diverse areas and almost represent every province in Indonesia. They come from 35 universities and colleges in the same level.

Furthermore, the new participants will follow the learning period for 2 years according to XLFL Global Thinking curriculum. They will be divided into classes to be held in 6 cities, to facilitate their reach from the place of domicile. These cities are in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar.

XL Axiata Asia Young Leaders Summit 2018

From the experience of managing XL Future Leaders over the last 5 years, XL Axiata is now in an effort to bring this program to a wider level, that is international level, by integrating it with similar programs in companies under Axiata Groups. Currently, an event called “XL Axiata 2018 Asia Young Leaders Summit”, which is planned to be held around November 2018.

This program will invite students from several countries who have already received similar programs of XL Future Leaders from companies under Axiata Group, including Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and some Asian countries others.

As the name implies, in this program the participants, talented young people from different countries will meet each other, exchange ideas, share knowledge, and the opportunity to create a joint activity. In addition, they will also study together with the experts to be invited including international speakers. Thus, the participants will get more stock to face future challenges in furthering their region or country.

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