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Threatened by Google, YouTube Vanced App Discontinued

Threatened by Google, YouTube Vanced App Officially Discontinued

Jakarta, Gizmologi – There is a huge amount of content that can be enjoyed from platforms like YouTube. Starting from showing films, tutorials, knowledge to listening to music. To be able to enjoy it comfortably, some people use the app, which was recently discontinued.

Never familiar with the name YouTube Vanced? You could say this is an alternative application from the usual YouTube, present for Android smartphone users. No, this app is not available on the Google Play Store. Why so? Because this is a modified application, it takes advantage of system loopholes to deliver premium features without having to subscribe.

Sounds wrong? Yes, of course, the name is also a non-legal application. Given a large number of Android device users, it’s also natural that YouTube could lose a lot of revenue if apps like YouTube Vanced continue to circulate. Not only YouTube but also the income of the content creators in it, considering that viewer ads and others cannot be maximized.

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Applications Will Still Be Usable

YouTube Vanced

It was only a matter of time until finally, the official YouTube Vanced reported information regarding the discontinuation of the application development. The team from Vanced conveyed this information via Twitter account and the Telegram group. “YouTube Vanced has been discontinued. In the near future, the download link on the site will be removed,” he wrote in a tweet.

Even so, it was also mentioned that the Discord server, Telegram group, and YouTube Vanced subreddit will still be around for at least some time to come. For users who have downloaded the application, they will also be able to use it for some time to come. Vanced says at least 2 years, but this could of course change depending on future YouTube API changes.

In the official statement, the cause is only mentioned for legal reasons. Trying to find out more, The Verge contacted Vanced, and got an answer that the Vanced YouTube team had received legal threats directly from Google. The creator immediately decided to end this close-sourced project, within a few days.

“We were asked to remove all references to ‘YouTube’. changed the logo, and removed all links related to YouTube products,” the Vanced team explained in a message via the Discord platform to The Verge. Absolute they can not continue to develop the application.

YouTube Vanced Presents Premium Features for Free

What are the advantages of the YouTube Vanced app over Google’s native YouTube? As mentioned earlier, YouTube Vanced apk users on Android can access premium features without having to pay. All the features are available, such as removing ads, playing video or audio while accessing other applications, to picture-in-picture (PIP).

Not only that, YouTube Vanced also provides high-level customization options. One of the most popular is the option to use the true black theme, aka solid black. This color will be able to save battery power, especially on smartphones with AMOLED screens.

In the settings menu, there are also many options to automatically skip the part of the sponsored message in the video. This application is developed in a close-sourced form. This means that developers cannot share application code freely, to be developed by others after the termination of the project.

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