Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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The Difference between 4G and 5G Network

Faster network became more important, with many countries is trying to improve its network by using the 5G network. Right now what we use...

Preparing for the 5G Service in Indonesia

4G LTE network is still not fully cover the entire territory of Indonesia, but the new generation of 5G service has started to sound....

ZTE Offer Pre 5G Technology to Mobile Operators in Indonesia

Although LTE 4G services are still not finished by operators in Indonesia, a number of network company have started preparing to introduce next-gen advanced...

Partnership with Huawei, Telkomsel Preparing to Implement 5G & IoT Services

Although the deployment of the 4G LTE network in Indonesia is still not completed, but the mobile operators have already started the preparation to...


Midrange smartphone, POCO M5 launched in Indonesia

Jakarta, Gizmology – As a smartphone brand targeting the youth segment, POCO is quite aggressive in releasing its devices in the market. Last week,...