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Vivo Y50 Launched in Indonesia, Features 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 665

After launching in Cambodia in early April, the Vivo Y50 finally officially entered the Indonesian market. Through Vivo Y50, Vivo Indonesia is trying to...

Launched in Indonesia, Vivo V7 Selfie Smartphone Delivers 3 Main Features

Vivo brand is now increasingly flying, especially since the launch of the Vivo V7 + smartphone is magnificent in some television stations. Now, the...

Reveals 3 Smartphone Technology Innovations Developed by Vivo

Innovation is the keyword for technology companies to continue to survive. Especially if they want to be a pioneer, not just a trend imitators. This...

Vivo V5s Pure White Limited Edition Still Offer Three Advantages of...

Selfie is still the main theme for two brands of smartphones that are competing: OPPO and Vivo. After recently OPPO released F3 Limited Edition...

Vivo V5Lite Feature 16MP Selfie Camera With Affordable Price

As a new player in smartphone market, Vivo is very aggressive. To further expand the market, the smartphone manufacturer from China launched Vivo V5Lite...

Not Just a Trend, This is 6 Benefits of Positive Selfie

Selfie has now become part of the digital lifestyle. Even for some people, it feels incomplete if a day is not to do a...
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