Home Apps Storytel launched in Indonesia, invites local writers to provide audiobook content

Storytel launched in Indonesia, invites local writers to provide audiobook content

Official Storytel in Indonesia, Invites Local Writers to Provide Audiobook Content

Jakarta, Gizmologi – With smartphones, there are now other ways to get information and stories other than reading books. From physical books to digital books, aka e-books. But also apart from reading, we can choose to hear it through audiobooks. And Storytel is one of the newest audiobook streaming platforms in Indonesia.

Yes, audiobooks are arguably a method that is quite popular with the public for alternative reading. Similar to listening to podcasts, with audiobooks, we can get information or stories while doing other things. Like work or driving, for example. The level of adaptation also increases, although only slightly.

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Quoted from the Business2Community website, about 68% of the US population (or about 193 million people) listen to audiobooks every month in 2021—an increase of 1 million people from 2020. Total audiobook listening time also rose to an average of 16 hours 14 minutes, compared to 15 hours 12 minutes in 2020.

Storytel Continues to Expand Regional Coverage in the Asia Pacific

Official Storytel in Indonesia, Invites Local Writers to Provide Audiobook Content

Storytel itself has emerged as one of the largest global audiobook and e-book streaming services. The group itself has operations in more than 25 countries and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. In early March, Storytel officially arrived in Indonesia, as part of its commitment to expand its presence in the Asia Pacific region since 2017.

The presence of Storytel will enable Indonesians to subscribe to and access more than 150 thousand audiobooks. Available in various genres, of course with a choice of English to Indonesian. Helena Gustafsson, Chief Content Strategy Officer of Storytel said that his party had been waiting for this opportunity, bringing services that provide the best stories through easy-to-use technology.

“Our long experience in audio content and outstanding customer feedback pushes us to take a new step in our mission to enable more people to share, and enjoy stories anywhere and anytime on a global scale,” added Helena. For local content, Storytel has collaborated with leading publishers to produce an audiobook library in Indonesian.

Starting from its release on March 9 yesterday, consumers in Indonesia can immediately enjoy content in local languages, narrated by professional sound artists who are considered to be able to bring stories to life through sound. Storytel is pleased to be able to give Indonesian consumers the opportunity to discover a modern audiobook experience.

Partnership with Dewi Lestari and Dian Sastro


In addition to presenting audiobooks in Indonesian, Storytel will also present exclusive audiobook versions of several popular titles belonging to well-known Indonesian writers. Some of them are Dewi Lestari, Tere Liye, Ika Natassa, Ahmad Fuadi and Pidi Baiq.

As one of the well-known book authors, Dewi Lestari said, “audiobooks will be a new experience for Indonesian people to enjoy stories from a book. This will open up limitless imagination in listening to stories through audio experiences.”

Apart from writers, Storytel Indonesia will also collaborate with various Indonesian actors and actresses in narrating audiobooks. Some of the names mentioned were Dian Sastrowardoyo, Adinia Wirasti, and Fedi Nuril. Want to try it? Gizmo friends can try it for free in the first 7 days.

Meanwhile, to subscribe, Storytel Indonesia provides a special price during the grand launch promotion period, only IDR 39 thousand per month. You can access more than 150 thousand audiobooks and e-book titles directly from applications available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

The Indonesian version of this article can be read in Gizmologi.ID

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