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Instagram Live Now Can Add A Moderator

Instagram Live Now Can Add A Moderator

Jakarta, Gizmologi – With so many events being held online, platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are now more in demand from watching live chat sessions to live shopping. For Instagram itself, the Instagram Live feature continues to be developed so that content creators can hold more interesting events for their viewers.

After previously presenting new functions such as live with more than two people, now the social media platform owned by Meta has added features to streamline the running of Instagram Live sessions. Namely by adding a moderator, like a discussion panel event or seminar and others, which are usually needed for a serious or large-scale event.

The number of Instagram users itself certainly continues to rise from time to time. However, as of March 14, 2022, the platform will lose around 80 million users. The reason is, this social media will be blocked in Russia, after previously blocking Facebook because it was considered to discriminate against Russian media.

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Moderators Can Help Smooth Live Sessions

Instagram Live Now Can Add A Moderator

Back to Instagram’s new feature which was just unveiled in March 2022. Bye official social media accounts, Instagram said that the Instagram Live session would be more perfect with the presence of a streamer and moderator in one session. On Instagram Live, one user can appear who will be dubbed as Live Moderator, has three main functions or abilities.

Any creator who initiates a Live session can designate anyone in the session to serve as moderator. What strengths does the moderator have? Can make unfavorable comments, delete viewers or viewers in Live sessions, to turn off the comment field while the event is running.

The method? The creator simply presses the three-dot button in the comment bar in the Live session. After that, Instagram will display several recommended accounts that can be selected as moderators. Feeling out of place? Just type the desired username in the search field, to designate the desired user to carry this important role.

Instagram does look serious in developing the Instagram Live feature. The presence of the moderator option itself can also be said to be derived from Facebook, which first had it. Instagram also provides the ability to monetize Live sessions, which, while not yet available globally, at least gives content creators the option to profit while interacting with their followers or fans.

Presents More Detailed Tag Options

Instagram - tag option

Including content creators and influencers, Instagram has also added a new feature that makes it easier for them to tag collaborators in a post. Gizmo friends must be familiar with captions in one photo upload, where the photo owner mentions the contributors, such as the photographer, the product, to the make-up artist.

In the future, Instagram users can take advantage of the tag feature which can also inform their position or role in the photo. “For many black and underrepresented creators, giving credit is a pathway to building a sustainable career as a creator, while fighting cultural appropriation & ensuring the world knows who is driving culture,” Instagram said in a statement.

Using this new option is the same as adding tags when uploading photo and video posts. It’s just that, after adding tags or credits, there will be a new option, namely “show profile category”. That’s where the creator can list the job titles of each contributor.

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