Home Blockchain Zipmex and Polygon Studios collaborate to build Zixel NFT platform

Zipmex and Polygon Studios collaborate to build Zixel NFT platform

Zipmex and Polygon Studios Collaborate on Zixel . NFT Platform

Jakarta, Gizmologi – Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are increasingly popular. NFT marketplaces have also sprung up, not only OpenSea which is the biggest. There are also marketplaces made by crypto exchanges such as Zixel NFT from Zipmex.

Why is NFT increasingly in demand? A recent study report from NFT data company Nonfungible.com recently announced that NFT trade in 2021 reached US$ 17.6 billion, up 21,000 percent compared to 2020 which was only US$ 82 million. These data indicate that there is great potential in NFTs that can be developed.

In addition, the CO-Founder & CEO of Zipmex at the Crypto Revolution Press Conference last week said that around 25% of NFT assets traded on the OpenSea marketplace platform came from Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia.

To present the NFT marketplace, Zipmex formed a strategic partnership with Polygon Studios. Among crypto activists, Polygon which owns the $MATIC coin is a well-known blockchain protocol that specifically handles gaming and NFT.

Zixel NFT Zipmex is an NFT platform that is presented to encourage and develop an NFT ecosystem and metaverse that is capable and easily accessible to all levels of society.

Polygon Studios Invest in ZMT and Expand business through Zixel NFT

Zixel NFT by ZipmexThrough this partnership, Polygon Studios is investing in Zipmex’s native token, Zipmex Token (ZMT). Although, unfortunately, it is not stated in detail how much investment has been disbursed by Polygon to ZMT. In addition, Polygon Studios and Zipmex are also working together to expand Zipmex’s business expansion in the Asia Pacific through the Zixel NFT platform.

This collaboration was celebrated for the first time when Zixel by Zipmex was launched last February in the form of the first metaverse party in Indonesia. It was recorded that tens of thousands of people from all over the world participated in celebrating the event.

Managing Director of Zipmex Kelvin Lam stated that one of Zipmex’s priorities is improving the user experience by using the latest technology. “We are very pleased to partner with Polygon Studios and become a trendsetter of digital culture in Southeast Asia, especially in countries that have experienced significant growth in cryptocurrency adoption rates in recent years. Zipmex welcomes everyone, both beginners and experienced users, to participate in this crypto revolution,” he said.

In line with Zipmex, Steven Bryson-Haynes, VP, Head of Business Development at Polygon Studios also welcomed this collaboration with enthusiasm. Pikanya is very pleased to be collaborating with fellow crypto leaders like Zipmex in promoting digital culture, starting with NFT, which is currently growing.

“In the future, Polygon Studios and Zipmex will continue to introduce new metaverse initiatives and make crypto and blockchain a part of the lifestyle in Southeast Asia through Zixel by Zipmex,” he added.

In the near future, a form of collaboration between Zipmex and Polygon Studios will be launched in the form of a new virtual experience in the metaverse through Zixel NFT by Zipmex. This event will be held throughout 2022 and targets the Asia Pacific market. Zixel by Zipmex also plans to collaborate with Indonesian artists to raise awareness about NFT and the metaverse for young people.

The Zixel NFT by Zipmex platform is also a means of educating the public that crypto assets are not only enjoyed by users who are already proficient in trading, but can also be used by art activists, gamers, and the wider community as part of their lifestyle.

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