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For Game Enthusiast, This is Latest Gaming Accessories from Corsair


For the gamers, in order to more comfortable to play his favorite game for hours, it took more than just a mediocre device. They need a choice of high-performance gaming devices. In this sector, Corsair is one of the leading brands in the gaming industry.

Companies from the United States has long been known to deliver high-performance products, especially for PC gaming fans who assemble the PC or buy a system-a system of custom pre-assembled. Well, this week they launched a series of gaming device in Indonesia. Starting from the case of the computer, mouse, and keyboard.


1. Mouse Gaming SCIMITAR PRO RGB

Designed on the 12 side button Key Slider, SCIMITAR PRO RGB added storage of profiles onboard and an optical sensor advanced 16,000 DPI PMW3367 developed in collaboration with PIXART. Gaming Mouse is designed to provide accurate control in step DPI single in order to produce tracking high-speed.

This Mouse also added a set of options buttons playback hardware which can be programmed and the effect of RGB lighting. So the gamers to store up to three profiles keyboard shortcuts or lighting RGB directly in the mouse. SCIMITAR PRO RGB is designed to fit the contours of the palm of the hand, regardless of the size of Your hands, while providing a comfortable grip and reassuring, even in sessions gaming horrendous.

The most important part of the SCIMITAR PRO RGB this is an exclusive Key Slider system that is in the process of filing a patent. This Key Slider that allows the 12-button macro side mechanical to be repositioned up to 8mm, so keep each button remains within reach and right where You need it at the crucial moment.


2. Case komputer Crystal Series 570X RGB

With four panels of anti-scratch glass, CORSAIR Crystal Series  570X RGB put each component so that it is visible with clear lines, an elegant style and the final touch is interesting. Equipped with three fan SP120 RGB 120mm, the user can turn on the PC with the effects of LED lighting with multiple color options. Everything is operated directly from the front panel of the case.

570X RGB has its place cable routing special and cover agaryang seem is a component of the PC, not the wiring. 570X RGB is designed by considering two main things, namely performance, and style, and this series can accommodate up to 6 cooling fans, which are laid on the tray can be removed for ease of installation. The Casing also provides enough space for putting different kinds of radiator cooling liquid, up to 360mm in the front.


3.  Gaming mouse CORSAIR HARPOON RGB and gaming keyboard CORSAIR K55 RGB

Gaming Mouse CORSAIR HARPOON RGB and gaming keyboard CORSAIR K55 RGB, both of these devices presents a variety of high-end features for every gamer. Equipped with an optical sensor to 6,000 dpi, HARPOON RGB combines design contoured fitting in hand with high precision, While the K55 RGB merge the button quiet, responsive, six macro keys can be programmed, as well as volume control and special media. Both of them also features the lighting of the CORSAIR RGB which is typical and can be adjusted, which brings color and customization more diverse.

A fusion between the HARPOON RGB and K55 RGB allows gamers to obtain the maximum benefit from the mouse, keyboard, and game them. Allows gamers to control with the keys-macro keys that can be programmed and controls that can be customized.

4. Flagship mechanic gaming keyboard K95 RGB Platinum

Developed from the phenomenal success mechanical keyboard CORSAIR, K95 RGB Platinum combines the framework of the anodized aluminum with the technology of the keyboard latest premium to redefine the needs of gamers from a keyboard of high-end.

The framework K95 RGB Platinum is made of aluminum anodized brushed commonly used for airplanes and has a durability of a lifetime for gaming. With additional playback hardware and memory of 8MB, the K95 RGB Platinum allows gamers to not only save the custom key assignments and macros to memory but also profile-profile multi-layer reactive lighting, so You can play the game without the need for external software.



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