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17 Live Brings the New Trends of Quiz via Streaming with 17Q

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Obsessed to be the differentiator from the current live streaming service, 17 Live presents quiz program titled 17Q (read: i-chi-Q). What kind of the differences this app already have?

Having the jargon “Quiz Now”, 17Q is quite different from the quizzes that are circulating in cyberspace. With stream-based, this quiz allows active participants to answer the host’s questions.

According to Colid Hodge, President Growth Management M17 Entertainment, they already know that Indonesian are love to the quiz, whatever it does. This is seen from the rampant variety of quiz shows and games on television which is now also penetrated in cyberspace.

“We want to bring something different and more sophisticated with 17Q. Users can play with friends and family, even other people from different regions simultaneously through their smartphone devices for millions of rupiah prizes,” he said in Jakarta on Monday (5/2/2018 ).

The 17Q Quiz takes place twice a day at 12:30 pm and 21:00 pm (Monday-Friday) and Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays at 21:00 pm on the app. 17 Live has many questions to be answered within 10 seconds for each question. Just a spoiler for you, the questions also derived from the lessons of junior high school and high school

With over 40 million users 17 Living around the world, 17Q is claimed to be successful with more than one million users viewing. In Indonesia, the use of this application is said to have managed to increase the audience by 600% since the first day of release, which is on January 6, 2018.

Does this quiz really give the prize with cash to the winner? Stanley Kusnadi, is one of the 17Q winners who managed to bring home Rp 20 million cash.

One of the participant quizzes who managed to bring cash of Rp 20 million was Stanley Kusnadi. He actually did not expect to be a winner, because it started as a coincidence that he didn’t plan.

“I was actually invited by my friend to join the 17Q quiz and become addicted instantly. To participate is also very easy, just enter the room 17Q then we can play directly,” he said that often read and update the latest news to be able to answer questions asked the host.


17 Live 17Q


Not just Stanley is addicted, Edho Zell, famous YouTuber also curious about the 17Q quiz. He even opened up by setting up alarms and taking down any questions that had been issued.

“The point is really exciting, the question is a lot of unexpected, make me tense, I also invite some friends to join to be more exciting,” he concluded.


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