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Agoda Survey: Indonesian Millenial Traveler Soldiers Adventurous and More Depraved


Agoda, the accommodation reservation platform has just announced their survey results. The survey revealed the first thing Indonesian young people do after they check in and step out from the camp’s base camp.

Gede Gunawan, Country Director of Agoda International Indonesia said the survey results clearly show a major shift from different travel approaches than in the past.

“We are seeing more and more travelers with adventurous and independent souls emerging in Indonesia, which is why we are providing more offers in more places than others, we want to inspire more people to explore and adventure,” Gede said.


From the survey results, there are 5 unique facts from the most surprising travel habits of the millenial traveler Indonesia is as follows:

  • They may not do it at home, but 45% of respondents love to bargain with local shopkeepers.
  • 40% of them do not need google maps and spontaneously prefer to explore their streets without a plan. While the other 52% dare to deliberately choose the wrong path.
  • Although they are independent travelers, 40% do not really care about wearing the same clothes as their friends
  • 73% of respondents claimed to eat dessert as the first meal when starting the day
  • #selfies and #wefies become popular, but for 86% of respondents, Instagram-worthy Instagram’s most Instagram photo is by directing others to photograph themselves artistically without looking at the camera.

In addition to the survey, the agoda also held a competition through social media, collecting photos and videos of what the young Millennials did from the beginning to their up, putting their bags, and getting out of their place to stay. The following is a complete report of the results of the Agoda survey:


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