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Bima+ Apps from 3 Designed as Creative Hub for Young Indonesian


Operator 3 (Tri) is aiming for the creative young generation’s potential to participate more and use its services. This week (15/5), the company that subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings was launching digital application bima+. The application is designed as a digital stage and creative hub for young Indonesian creative to create and create.

Randeep Singh Sekhon, President Director of Tri Indonesia, in a press conference held at Umar Ismail Hall, Jakarta, said that Indonesia believes that Indonesia has tremendous resources, namely the creativity of the nation’s children that will not be depleted.

“They are creative, talented and have a strong desire to show their work to the global level. Tri as a millennia operator, deeply understanding this and encouraging them to dare to show creations by presenting a bima + application that comes as a creative hub for all young people to showcase innovation and creative products “said Randeep.

According to Randeep, all young people from diverse talents and creations in the creative industry ranging from music, movies, games, fashion, designs and other creative products can join the bima + application. In fact, this application is also not only accessible to Tri customers, but customers of other mobile operators can also access it.

Meanwhile, Dolly Susanto, Chief Commercial Officer of Tri Indonesia, said the bima + application will become a hub where all young people get together virtually and discover the excitement of a digital lifestyle built by the nation’s children in a digital container.

The bima + app provides benefits for those who want to move in the creative industry and who need a variety of quality and qualified apps and apps. Like a virtual mall, so bima+ becomes 1 application for access to the thrill of life.

“The majority of millennium customers and users of both 3G and 4G data enjoy a variety of streaming content as well as online shopping, they can also chat with their friends in the available chat rooms.We hope that bima + can connect all young people in Indonesia with all the works of the nation’s children,” says Dolly.

bima+ can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store for Android users only. As for iOS users, please be patient as it currently does not exist. The company is still developing iOS version.

For information, currently, Tri users amounted to 56.8 million. The operator claims to have a 4G LTE network in 227 cities and counties up to 7,300 rural areas across Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java, Bali, and Lombok.

Feature of bima+ Apps

& Co: a creative hub where young Indonesian creative people meet. Various products of the nation’s work are curated from fashion category, accessories, hobbies, food and beverages to home living can be accessed via bima + on page & Co. One of the local brands that are widely known are Conduct Metalworks and Lancelot for products accessories, Amanda Hartanto Batik is also a product of branded hobby Spedagi

Movie, Music, Games: Various applications and contents of movie, music, games the work of the nation and global children are available here. Just cut Tri’s pulse for this app and content purchase, and share the excitement for every digital content transaction via twitter and FB account

Digital Chat & Call: Chat and chat unlimited by using the call feature to fellow users in the + bima app, Shake & Reward. Customers can shake the phone and if lucky will get a variety of surprise prizes.

Digital Assistant: Provide access to connect to customer service and Tri product info. Customers can chat directly to complain or inquire about Bima+ products and services

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