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Blibli.com Presented the First Click & Collect Feature to Indonesia

Blibli Click & Collect

Recently, Blibli.com held a press conference about their new features Click & Collect to the media at 26th June 2019. This is the first ever Click & Collect features ever released in Indonesia, They cooperated with many companies such as Alfamart and Fujishop.id.

Wisnu Iskandar SVP Trade Partnership Costumer Electronic Group Blibli.com said, “E-commerce industries now entering new era e-commerce 4.0 marked by the development omnichannel retail strategy. This strategy included the selling online to offline (O2O) where the merchant partner integrates the section of online and offline to increase the comfort of shopping to the customer that connected to the internet.”

In the era of e-commerce 4.0, the costumers used the online platform to compare price, checking the specification, and getting special offers. But, they still want to feel the offline shopping experience.


He also said that the idea of this project came from some of his acquaintances asking that they want to order something online on Blibli.com and came directly to the store to take their order, from that he thinks that making a feature to buy online and take the item online is a feature that everybody wants and a big business opportunity.

And there is also a challenge to this program, it is that to combine two different systems and integrate them together is a big problem for them, but Wisnu said that as long as they want to do it they will solve it somehow.

Click & Collect is a feature provided by one of e-commerce platform Blibli.com that let you buy an item online and pick up the item offline, it’s a convenience feature that makes your shopping easier and satisfying. If you are a person who worried that the item you bought online damaged or scared that the item does not suit the description, then these features suits you a lot.

With these features you don’t have to worry about the item you bought does not fit the description or damaged, and you can confirm the availability of the product and another plus side is you can get a guide for the product you buy, if you bought for an example camera you can ask for how to use it or how to take care of the camera, etc.

And for business owner perspective, you can gain more traffic from online customer and cross and up-selling opportunities it means that you can ‘poison’ your customer who want to collect their item to buy more things from your store. You can gain more business (sales), a lot of people prefer to buy some particular item directly on the store but they want too lazy to go to the shop.

So this Click & Collect features will benefit both customer and shop owner. The last is a differentiator from a competitor, using this features makes you ahead of your competitor in business, you will have the advantage in online and offline business, while your competitor only has an online or offline business.

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How to Use Click & Collect

If you want to use this Click & Collect features you can access it through Blibli.com app or their website. Not all product available by Click & Collect, only the product that has Click & Collects sign on it. These features let you buy an item for your distant relative or a family, just by sending the barcode or unique code to them and let them go to the store to collect the item purchased.

If you can’t collect it the day you bought the item because something urgent comes up, you have 7 day time to collect the item beyond that will count as

Blibli.com Click & Collect only available on 5 places which is Jabodetabek, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Denpasar and have 3 thousand Retail stores with 31 Retail partners and now had receive more than 250.000 orders.

This feature is simple and easy to use and have included many categories so it is convenience, maybe in the future, Blibli.com, not the only one who has this features much e-commerce will provide this features but we know that Blibli.com is the first e-commerce platform invent and introduce this feature.

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