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How To Choose The Right Surveillance Camera (CCTV)

How To Choose The Right Surveillance Camera (CCTV)

The use of CCTV cameras (closed circuit television) is usually identical with security or surveillance. The monitoring device is very reliable to be able to track an undesirable event. But there are many surveillance camera products that are scattered in the market so that special knowledge is needed in order not to choose wrong.

It is said Indah Rosa Sitepu, Marketing Manager Hikvision, find out the features of a surveillance camera is needed so that no one chooses. From the feature then it can be tailored to the needs of the user.

“So the most important thing is to first identify our needs, whether it is surveillance at home until more intense security, for the building and public space,” said Indah, when met at the exhibition Indonesia Infrastructure Week 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Center (8/11 / 2017).

kamera surveillance

According to her, all surveillance camera for all needs have existed and circulated in Indonesia, the price also varied, ranging from 300 thousand to hundreds of millions.

Indah added the increased needs that must be accompanied by technologically qualified CCTV. Hikvision currently has several improved technologies, such as face recognition, the ability to identify vehicle plates, and technologies that can perform inspections in hidden places, such as under a vehicle.

“If the Face Recognition technology, the device we can accommodate a database of 300,000 faces and able to match the face scanned with the database within 3 seconds.While the identifier of the vehicle plate can blacklist a certain number of plates equipped with alarm triggers.Used to investigate the case in the parking area,” she said.

In addition to the above three solutions, Hikvision also showcased Panovu Multi-Lens Camera Solutions, DarkFighterX, Smart Analytic Camera, Central Monitoring & Central Storage System, Access Control and Video Intercom as an option for an infrastructure development project to improve the security and supervision of space and environment.

For information, CCTV market or surveillance cameras in Indonesia itself, according to the 6W Research report, the predicted value will reach the US $ 203.14 million in 2022 later. Even the terror attacks that have occurred in Jakarta some time ago, reported from the IFSEC, making the city government spread 6,000 cameras at some point in the capital.

Research Associate, Research, and Consulting at 6Wresearch, Rishi Malhotra, said that many of the next projects will increase the use of surveillance cameras in Indonesia. Some of these include the 2018 Asian Games, the MRT project, the LRT, the expansion and construction of new airports, seaports, the construction of toll roads, railways and real estate.

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