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Fujitsu Wants to Create an IT Solution to Disaster from Indonesia that Could be Applied in Other Countries


As one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world, Indonesia has already become so “normal” to various types of disasters, such as floods. Fujitsu sees this as something interesting to produce the best IT solutions to the disaster.

This was disclosed by Toshio Hirose, Corporate Executive Officer, SVP, and Head of Asia Region Fujitsu, who said Indonesia has the same characteristics with Japan. As an archipelago country, both have a lot of mountains that close to the sea.

“Of course this condition makes Indonesia prone to floods, as is the case with what happened in Japan. However, we have the IT solutions in dealing with such problems,” he said in a press conference held Wednesday (3/29/2017) yesterday.

The solution is to put a sensor in various points that are prone to flooding, such as rivers. So, when the water is in the high position, the sensor will provide early warning.

Only, according to Toshio, this solution is quite expensive and also vulnerable to be the victim of the hands of nosy. That’s why he involves a human as part of the solution handling of the flood disaster.

“If all is installed the sensor, it would be very expensive. So we involve people to provide a report on the condition of the height of the water in the river,” he explained.

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Regarding the solution that is being developed, Toshio hope will make original solutions from Indonesia that could be applied in other countries. So, there will be obtained a kind of benchmark in terms of handling and anticipation flood through the role of technology.

The same thing also expressed by Odi Susilo Handoko, a figure who was recently appointed as managing director of Fujitsu Indonesia. According to him, replace the sensor with the human hand does indeed make the solution disaster impressed manually, but from the efficiency is also higher.

“What happened in Japan, the sensors have stolen and ravaged by nasty people. So by utilizing the people to act as ‘sensors’ so the solution is cheap but does not reduce the benefits,” he said to Gizmologi.

Odi said, in the points of the flood will be placed the people who already have a special application on the smartphone. Every time the person will give a report on the status of the height of the water by means of a photograph and send it to the center of the handling of disasters through the application.

“By utilizing all the advantages and experience that Fujitsu has, of course, will be easy for a region to anticipate and deal with floods,” he said.

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