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Google Maps Error, Hundreds of Cars Stuck in Muddy Road


After the commotion of a car get into the ravine because following Google Maps instruction in Mojokerto, Indonesia. Now this navigation system making hundreds of cars stuck in muddy road.

Google Maps is a Global Positioning System made by Google that used by many people all around the world. It had been around for many years, available on almost every places on earth. It had been perfected many time over the year, But there is still some bugs and error in this navigation system

Reported form Autoevolution, hundreds of cars was stuck in muddy road in Colorado. Most of them that stuck was heading to Denver International Airport (DIA). The main road to DIA was jammed because there was an accident ahead.

The people who want to go to DIA was trying to find a faster way to go to the airport. They use their navigation app that is Google Maps to find a quicker way to get to the airport. On of them is named Connie Monsees, he told the reporter from Good Morning America, that he used Google Maps.

Google MapsAccording to Monsees, that the shortcut is half time of the regular road, so he choose the shortcut.

At first the road was looking fine, but after some time the concrete road was gone and replaced with soil road.

After that he became suspicious, and he think that there is some thing not right with this navigation app. But he still keep going down the road, not long after that he felt that things became strange.

Because before rain has been pouring all day in weekend, and there is a ditch across the road, many cars stopped and stuck. The line of cars became long and the drivers finally realized that they are lost.

“The question is, why did Google send us to that place, there is no way back after you got there.” said Monsees.

Not long after, Mon sees with other driver manage to get out. It was because their car has all-wheel-drive, the feel lucky that their car have that system, other are not as lucky as they are.

What do you guys think about this incident? Some people said it’s not Google’s fault, it was because they reliance on navigation app too much.

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