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HTC VIVERSE, a Metaverse Ecosystem Introduced at MWC 2022

VIVERSE, HTC-style Metaverse Ecosystem Introduced at MWC 2022

Barcelona, ​​Gizmologi – Metaverse has become a new phenomenon, especially since it was popularized by Mark Zuckerberg. HTC is a metaverse player that cannot be underestimated. Especially after launching Viverse, a metaverse ecosystem that was introduced at the MWC 2022 event.

HTC may be dimming in the smartphone business, but they are instead focused on developing the virtual reality sector through Vive. The company says that from the very beginning its vision at Vive Reality was to combine technology with humans to unleash imagination. Where Vive Reality will provide a new way of working and living.

At MWC 2022 Barcelona, ​​HTC VIVE debuted the VIVERSE live demo, connecting people from all walks of life to new worlds and experiences. According to Cher Wang, Co-Founder and Chairwoman at HTC, VIVERSE is a new chapter in the VIVE Reality vision.

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VIVERSE, HTC-style Metaverse Ecosystem Introduced at MWC 2022
HTC Vive Booth at MWC 2022

Viverse is HTC VIVE’s place in the metaverse: a universe of new experiences, and a limitless gateway to other VR universes in collaboration with partners around the world. It’s the HTC Vive’s attempt to empower creativity, collaboration, connection, sharing, and more.

“VIVE is our brand and means ‘life’, and Verse refers to the chapters of life. Viverse provides a seamless experience, reachable on any device, anywhere, and is powered by virtual and augmented reality, high-speed connectivity, AI, and blockchain technology that HTC has invested in for several years,” said Cher Wang.

At MWC 2022, HTC VIVE showcased new innovations to give people the best possible experience as they explore the metaverse. These innovations include VIVE Browser, a new VR-based web browser, and VIVE Connect, a portal to experience and explore Viverse. The company also launched VIVE Guardian – a new tool that gives parents, guardians and teachers control over what young people can see and do in VR.

Users can enter Viverse through a browser using multiple devices such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, and using VIVE Flow, HTC VIVE’s new immersive glasses. The company wants to show how easy it is to dive into new worlds and experiences as part of everyday life, across multiple devices.

HTC also demonstrated how people can move seamlessly between places in VIVE Sync and Engage. This latest demo illustrates how easy it is to travel between different worlds while maintaining identity, security and privacy.

HTC Viverse Ecosystem

HTC Vive MWC 2022
Visitors try HTC Vive at MWC 2022

Viverse is an open ecosystem for creating new memories, and enjoying new experiences. HTC works with hundreds of partners and developers to make it an open ecosystem, including:

  • Beatday, the world’s first interactive holographic music platform across PC, VR, and mobile devices
  • Engage, a virtual communication platform that provides an immersive, collaborative environment for live events, meetings and training
  • VRChat, is a collection of social VR experiences for interacting with friends, creating lasting relationships, and building community
  • VIVE Sync, the all-in-one meeting and collaboration solution for VR
  • Museum of Other Realities, an ever-expanding collection of interactive art and experiments to connect, share and experience virtual reality art with others.

This HTC-style Metaverse also has features that make it easy to personalize and manage the user experience. Sign in to Viverse via VIVE Connect, a cross-platform space that allows you to enter other worlds, apps, games, content and more on Viverse.

HTC has built a metaverse with open standards like WebXR to ensure interoperability. And users can surf the web on XR using VIVE Browser, the first XR browser to support Web3 login, WebXR and WebAssembly, and compatible with many XR devices.

Well, VIVE Flow is the first VR device that supports crypto wallets. Users can securely store and manage NFTs and digital assets using WalletConnect. Open the Viverse companion app on your smartphone and use the walletconnect login to access all assets to customize your avatar and digital space on Viverse.

As the metaverse continues to evolve, it’s important for the XR industry to find ways to keep people safe. To secure the privacy and safety of young people in the metaverse, introduce Vive Guardian. It is a parental control tool to help protect children from inappropriate behavior and content online.

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