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Enter Indonesian Market, Live.me Streaming Video App Limits Pornographic Content


According to reports from Ericsson Mobility Report, one in five smartphone users in the United States expressed interest in broadcasting the video directly. In rapidly growing markets, such as Indonesia, India, and Brazil, the number of smartphone users interested in live streaming video applications is even twice as big. The facts underlie Live.me video app that was already popular in the United States to enter the Indonesian market.

This is confirmed by Yuki He, SVP Product Cheetah Mobile for Live.me who said Indonesia is one of the target countries of its company’s investment to develop this platform. It presents Live.me along with creative video content for users in Indonesia.

“We have a strong and determined view of building a youthful, clean, healthy, and positive community around the world. We also want to help the government create a healthy live broadcasting container and increase Internet penetration in Indonesia, “said Yuki.

As a social media application, Live.me gives users the freedom to broadcast and showcase their creativity through live streaming video. The features in this app allow users in Indonesia to provide comments, digital gifts and follow their favorite broadcasters.

This application is claimed to have a strong commitment to providing a container of creativity for netizens in Indonesia. Live.me also opens wide cooperation opportunities with stakeholders and players in this industry to build Indonesian market. “With the support of local communities, we will ensure that we can provide a comprehensive application that can meet the needs of the community in their social media activities,” added Yuki He.

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Live.me Limits Pornographic Content

The content of pornography in live streaming service had become a hot spot in last year. In fact, because of the many complaints from the community, make one of the services had temporarily frozen because it contains elements of pornography.

Associated with the potential for such immoral content, Yuki He added that his company has an active 24-hour / 7-day monitoring machine as well as an examining team to prevent pornographic and inappropriate content.

“I can say that inappropriate content is strictly prohibited in the Live.me app. This effort is also to comply with government regulations, as well as to create innovative applications that can present positive content for users, especially in Indonesia, “said Yuki.

Live.me has a strict policy that prohibits its users from posting videos about violent activities, nudity, discriminatory, blameworthy, malicious, hate speech, pornography, or video scenes that indicate sexual services.

In addition to this policy, Live.me also collaborates with communities who are actively reporting accounts that broadcast violations of applicable policies.

Growing Rapidly in the United States

This application is growing more rapidly and popular. In the United States, Live.me is the most loved streaming video streaming platform with over 20 million users. Many famous celebrities around the world join the live streaming application of Cheetah Mobile.

In Indonesia, to attract users using this service, Cheetah Mobile took some famous celebrities to become endorsers and use these services such as Raffi Ahmad, Prilly Latuconsina, Stefan William and much more. The celebrities are invited to join Live.me and interact with their fans.

Live.me also has many game-like features such as leaderboards, at various levels, that can be played with other video broadcasters, while recording exciting stuff and sharing it on their social media accounts.

This application offers broadcasters a very practical way to broadcast directly using unique features such as beautification and blocking tools. With a variety of features, Live.me is called more than a container that people use to broadcast activities, but has become a global creative entertainment platform.

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