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Medical Records are Now Self-Accessed Via Helopt Application

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Medical records can now be accessed by individuals by using Helopt or Health Optimized application that has recently been launched by local digital startup that focuses on health sector, Gorry Holdings.

Medical records can be known through this e-filing technology that makes public able to evaluate their health history. Medical staffs are also capable of reading patients’ medical records that are saved in digital formats, according to a press release that we obtained last week.

The medical records, according to William Susilo as the founder and Main Director of Gorry Holdings, are in forms of patients’ health history. Patients or users must firstly upload photos of medical checkup results, receipts from doctors, medical costs for inpatients care facility and outpatients care facility and other related documents. After they are uploaded, the photos will be translated into data tabulation that will be read in medical resume and easily extracted via online. The medical records that are saved in this application can be brought to hospitals if needed. Medical resume per disease or accident is saved in mobile apps so as patients don’t need to find their physical records.

“Helopt is one of our products that carry one stop e-wellness solution concept. We develop this application as a solution to make users easier to save medical health records in long term,” he said.

Helopt will be able to reduce potential risks of losing important documents, such as laboratory results, medicine receipts, X-rays and others. “There are many people who are not disciplined in saving their medical results. Even if they are neatly put, they are quite impractical as you have to bring a heap of papers for checkup,” he added.

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Medical records provide a lot of benefits if they are put in good orders. William said medical records were able to show types of medicines that had been consumed and health records, all of which served as considerations for taking next medical actions. Medical records that are saved in Helopt application also results in medical resumes that contain doctors’ diagnosis, inpatients or outpatients care facilities, laboratory examination results and immunization history.

Medical records that are later saved in this application won’t be up for sale and misused. Using this application is easy. Users need to only upload health data pictures then Helopt will automatically save them. If needed, users only need to show the data that are saved in Helopt to medical officers so as they can provide better and more accurate treatments.

This application is available for download at Google Store this month and at Apple Store in very short time. It can also be accessed in http://helpot.com.

In medical world, medical records have a lot of benefits. They can serve as health service administrative data record and evidence at courts. Medical records can also be a basis to determine health service cost. Medical students, nurses and doctors can make use of medical records as materials for researches, education and learning.



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