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Netflix Indonesia Contributes to Make Internet Use Safer for Children

Netflix Indonesia

Netflix Indonesia, the government and stakeholders have shared suggestions and ideas to tackle the danger of internet for children. In a talk show that was held this week all concerned parties said they wanted to get committed to make internet safe space for kids.

Netflix Indonesia was present together the Ministry of Communication and Informatics as well as the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Children Protection of the Republic of Indonesia, prominent academicians and national policy holders. Carrying a theme called “Create, Connect, Respect: Empowering Parents to Guide Connected Children”, the dialogue held on 12 February 2018 was presenting speeches and discussion on information, facility and resources in the country to help guiding kids using internet in safer way.

It isn’t a new thing that internet may provide bad influence for kids if no parents or adults accompany them. Children can easily get exposed to violence, pornography and other negative contents if filters are not provided.

There a few things that can be done by parents to teach kids on using internet for positive things only. Firstly, parents must accompany their kids whenever they want to play gadgets or browse internet. Give regulations or guidelines on permitted time usage. If it passes the set time then firmly limit the use of browsing the internet by giving good explanations without acting authoritatively.

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Later when sitting with their kids browsing the internet, explain about websites they currently enjoy. Teach them which websites that bring benefits and those that don’t so that they will firstly understand effects before they open websites containing negative things.

Parents can install extension of Parental Controls & Web Filter from Metacert for those using Google Chrome browser. The extension is beneficial for blocking restricted websites containing materials for adults. At Mozilla Firefox, parents can install similar extension.

For the users of Windows and Mac operation systems, parental control features are available. They can be activated to protect children from negative materials. Applications from third party can also be used to block certain contents, such as violence and adult materials. Blockading specific websites like those containing violence and pornography, are important because parents can’t always be around to monitor the activities of their kids in virtual world.

Those are tips from us. Have a nice try!

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