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NYNJACoin Makes It Easier for Integrated Business Transaction and Cryptocurrency Wallet


After Bitcoin public now are ready to welcome NYNJACoin. This coin is from NYNJA Group Ltd, an international communication technology company, as part of the NYNJA application that makes it easier for doing integrated selling-buying activities as well as serving as cryptocurrency wallet.

NYNJACoin is financial ecosystem and self-made cryptocurrency that is also connected to NYNJA application where which this application joins phone call functions, text and picture sending with complete and secured business management feature and e-commerce function.

NYNJA, that has been developed since the first quarter of 2017, is now available in beta version. Tokens of NYNJACoin wil be sold for public on 17 April 2018.

“Cellular chat application will never run out, so far there hasn’t been any communication application that is integrated and smoothly support message delivery and transaction from individuals and corporate as well as having best security protocol,” said one of the founders and CEO of NYNJA Group Ltd, Salvatore Guerrieri.

“NYNJA becomes the first application that utilizes its potential basic users in complete ways, supporting all users with multimedia protocol delivery application across platforms. NYNJA also has buying-selling forum that is supported by safe Blockchain protocol.”

The NYNJA buying-selling forum makes users possible to buy and sell goods and services across countries with open API thanks to NYNJACoin, standardized ERC20 cryptocurrency from integrated NYNJA financial ecosystem.

With the virtual money, users can also access groups of special users and pay personal in-group content, such as licensed assets or time consultations. Users can get the coin by watching advertisements and giving promotional materials from some brands, like sticker-packs or coupons. Each account can be adjusted according to every user social life, either individual or corporate, and is equipped with secured Ethereum wallet.

Those things make users are free to have transactions via this application and pay things across countries quickly without paying fees to external payment providers or allocating internal platform fees. The NYNJA scale is definitely able to be upgraded. Open-source platform will aid a number of application developers to set up NYNJA via value-added applications.

In addition to common chat feature, NYNJA also presents message delivery based on schedule and translation mode. NYNJA reaches users in every corner of the earth and is safe for using at each platform and device. Users are able to call via internet for free as well as transfer calls everywhere.

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A number of NYNJA architecture features have cloud data encryption that is secured for keeping messages, pictures and files. Furthermore, NYNJA has nice design and intuitive interface with concentric wheel navigation system whose patent right is currently on registration process. Concentric wheel system accelerates and makes it easier for the navigation by using only one thumb and decreasing the number of back button usage.

“A lot of chatting applications are designed for personal purposes and make friends instead  of doing businesses; moreover, many applications designed for business needs can’t be categorized as enterprise-grade. NYNJA is a class on its own because it displays complete features and is present as communication application that is very able to be adjusted with need, have selling-buying forum and blockchain –based financial ecosystem.”

NYNJA application will be available in Android, iOS and Web versions while application development in Mac, Linux and Windows versions will follow.




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