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Wanting to set up online stores? Get to know first these 5 strategies

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Opening online stores are hard to resist nowadays. No big capital requirement and potential international consumers are factors that attract a lot of people opening online stores. Although existing competition is already tense, particularly with the emergence of big e-commerce, you can still have opportunities to try your luck here. Let us read these five important things before you display products in the virtual world according to materials from Verisign:

Selecting domain name for online stores

Choose a domain name that is easy to be memorized by would-be buyers or customers, either the name is for your own website or your stores at giant e-commerce stores, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak or Shopee. A cool domain name will make customers easier to find your store as it grows later on.

Deciding how you will accept payment

There are some choices for online stores accepting payment. For instance, you can consider making merchant accounts to accept and process money to your business account. You can choose this method if you opt creating your own website. If so, you need to consult your bank in order to make this type of account. The bank will possibly ask you to work with payment gateway provider. Other method is contacting third party, such as PayPal.

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Choosing proper e-commerce solution

This relates to some questions, like whether or not you wish creating own website or placing products at big online stores websites, like Tokopedia. Another question is whether or not you will sell one type of product or various kinds of products. To decide which e-commerce type most suitable for your business, you can consider these following solutions:

a.     Simple

On sale product is one type only and requires one payment method, like “Buy Now” button in PayPal.

b.     Hosted

If you need more than one payment button but have no time, money, bandwidth to install e-commerce software, you can take solution offered by hosting provider. Or you can make use existing online market, like Lazada.

c.      Do it yourself

This method is for complex shopping carts with many commercial and open source products, like Opencart. When reviewing products, make sure they can be purchased via the payment method you wish to do. Also, ensure the method equips you with the type of assistance and available help for you after purchasing and how often products are upgraded.

Write product descriptions and complete them with high-resolution pictures

Provide detailed descriptions of on sale products plus high-resolution pictures because customers or potential buyers can’t view or touch products that attract them directly. Basic information, like weigh, size must be explained. Don’t lie to people so that your reputation as trusted seller sticks at consumers’ hearts.

Make SSL certification

The last one is issuing Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificates that provide security by encrypting your online stores’ websites that contain personal information, like credit card details and customers information. Apart from making consumers feeling secure, your business becomes more trustworthy.

Have a nice try!

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