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10 Most Abandoned Apps That Could Crack Your PC


For Windows-based PC user, of course, already embraced other apps to optimize its use. Unfortunately, those applications being abandoned by them.

What we wrote about abandoned is the users are reluctant to do the update or update to the latest version of the app they used. Although it’s not something necessary, but based on the data that reported by Avast, this habit can be something dangerous for PC security.

Based on the information entitled “Avast PC Trend Report January 2017” that received Gizmologi, Tuesday (3/21/2017), there are 10 top apps that are left obsolete by its users. If it get along, then the application obsolete is claimed to be compromised malware that could exploit its security.

As acclaimed by Ondrej Vlcek, Chief Technology Officer, GM, and EVP of Consumer Business Avast, which said the habit of keeping an updated play a huge role in the level of protection of the PC users on the internet.

“Running outdated applications can make the user’s PC vulnerable to attack by hackers who understand how to exploit the security loopholes,” he said.

Here are 10  the most obsolete apps which collected from 116 million desktop and laptop computers Windows which run the Automatic Software Updater in AVG TuneUp:

1. Java (Runtime 6,7), Oracle Corporation
2. Flash Player (Active X), Adobe Systems
3. Foxit Reader, Foxit Software
4. GOM Media Player, Gretech
5. Nitro Pro, Nitro Software
6. WinZip, Corel Corporation
7. DivX, DivX LLC
8. Adobe Shockwave Player, Adobe Systems
9. 7-ZIP, Igor Pavlov
10. Firefox, Mozilla

As most applications that are left obsolete in the list, the Java Runtime 6 and 7 which are the older versions still used by as many as 24 million users, while already as many as 26 million users have been using the latest version, i.e. Java 8. Surprisingly it turns out that 70% of users have not installed the latest release update of its app which is currently on version 121.

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