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EZVIZ C2C Review: Small and Smart Home Security Camera


Have you ever wondered if securing the home can be started from small things? Well, this little thing one of them EZVIZ C2C, security cameras, internet-based, it is small but carries a big impact in the house.

Small Design, Flexible, and Cool


With dimensions of 128 x 58 x 38 mm there is no reason not to place EZVIC C2C anywhere, such as on desks, TV rooms, even narrow cabinets. In addition to small, this device also has a minimalist yet futuristic design that can make the room get cool.

In the purchase package, you will get one unit of EZVIC C2C security camera, mini USB cable, adapter, warranty book, manual, and two stickers to keep the camera device attached to the tabletop surface and so on.

EZVIZ C2C has magnet-based legs, so it can stick to the surface of the iron so you do not need the sticker available to keep it upright. In addition, on the neck of this device is also very flexible where you can rotate up to 360 degrees and advance or reverse the camera position up to 135 degrees for the front and back.


On the front of the camera is clearly visible lenses to capture images and IR-lens to capture images in low light or dark conditions. At the bottom of the lens, there is an indicator light as an indication that the device is on or off, where at the bottom there is a microphone hole.

Turning to the back, there are speakers that output the sound through a hole-patterned grille like a flower. In this section there is also a microSD slot, reset button, and slot for power.

Easy to Set-up

Although impressive sophisticated, for the installation of EZVIZ C2C is very easy, even for anyone who has never used similar products. The first thing to do certainly make sure the device is connected with the power cable. The previous red indicator light will turn blue when ready to use.

EZVIZ C2C requires integration of the application for use. For that the user must first install the EZVIZ application from Google Play and App Store. After the application is installed and create an account (can also directly connect with your Facebook account), just select the “+” menu and scan the QR code at the bottom of the foot of the device. Next the application will automatically verify the location and the user can directly replace the existing access code and follow the instructions presented on the application.

For the record, because this internet-based device would require adequate Wi-Fi network to be used properly. To connect it with a smartphone / tablet device is also very easy, where users simply close it with the position of the lens on the camera about a few minutes and then the camera can connect.

Image Capture Pretty Sharp

EZVIZ C2C has a camera with a resolution of 1280 x 720 which is able to provide a sharp enough image to be presented on smartphones / tablets that have been installed EZVIZ applications. When used, there is almost no meaningful delay between actual conditions and what is caught on camera. With a wide angle of the lens of 111 degrees, of course will be many details taken in one room.

In addition, with the IR-lens, EZVIZ C2C also still able to capture images even in dark conditions. It’s just that when in this condition the image presented a little delay though not reduce the sharpness.



With its small shape, the EZVIZ C2C is unexpectedly performing well enough as a standard home security camera. This device allows users to monitor the condition of the room, baby, child, until the pet into the smartphone / tablet in actual.

Behind the sophistication, it turns out this device is priced at a fairly affordable price of Rp 499.000 with 12 months warranty from authorized distributors in Indonesia.

  • Smart design and cool
  • Easy to install
  • The sound captured in the microphone is quite accurate
  • Affordable price
  • Too plastic
  • In dark conditions the image is slightly delayed
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