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The Difference between 4G and 5G Network


Faster network became more important, with many countries is trying to improve its network by using the 5G network. Right now what we use is 4G, it is also a fast network and it allowed us to use video call that the previous 3G can’t.

Maybe you are asking why 5G was better than 4G. What is the difference between them? 5G is better than 4G because it has much more speed compared to the latter. And the way 5G works is different from 4G.

The way 5G works is that they work on different radio spectrum than 4G, they work at the radio spectrum almost 5x higher than 4G. If 4G works in frequency bellow 6 GHz, then 5G will work at frequency 30 GHz until 300 GHz. And with this high frequency, it can support a huge data capacity and higher bandwidth.

5G can also support more than 1000 user per-meter, it is much more than 4G. With that, it can emit ultra-fast data to many users with high precision and less latency. But even so, this only work if your device is facing straight at the antenna or the other way around.

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As for the speed, 5G clearly much faster than 4G because it was tested that 5G have connection speed 20x faster than 4G. The fastest download speed of 5G is 20 GB/s while 4G have 1 GB/s, this is if you are connected directly to the tower.

For mobile, it had been tested by many people. Reported from Cnet, one of Telecommunication Company Verizon, do a test on Moto Z3 on the difference between 4G and 5G. Tested using Speedtest app, 4G has download speed at 27,9 Mb/s while 5G have download speed reaching 634 Mb/s.

For the upload speed, 4G scored 17,7 Mb/s and 5G scored 23,7 Mb/s. not only fast, but 5G is also more stable compared to 4G. Also, 5G has a shorter delay, which is suited to be used to IoT such as a smart car or smart home/life.

Right now 5G is currently not available in most of the countries in the world and the device that supports or can use 5G is not many and the price is still high. So it will not be available to everyone soon but it would not be long before it did.

Because the growth of 5G is faster than 4G. based on research by Huawei it was said that in six month 4G only got 200 sites/ tower while 5G in six months already have 10.000 sites. As you can see the growth of 5G is way faster than 4G. What do you think? Are you excited about 5G? Stay tuned for more info about 5G.


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